all out already =(

I am all feeling the wound of my own heart. I am utterly disappointed.

I am clueless of what I am doing. I feel unloved. I feel so disappointed and most of all, I am just to the extent of wounding myself for someone other’s care. Don’t know what crap I am talking.

All I know is, this has not been the farewell I wanna give or join. Perhaps, all was given a chance – friends, family and all. But just NOT me.

I’d rather not have any gifts but to spend time with you.

Taking it all in by myself now. I need solitude or I’ll go mad very soon. No kidding.

Not like anyone bothers anyways.

And yes, I am a coward. Thanks for the timely reminder. Put all the blame on me. I am numb to all the accusations. But what can I do?

Everything sucks big time. I mean it. Silently taking it all. ='(
If there were pills that can make me sleep for a week, I wished I can have that so that I won’t have to bother what the world is. I finished my Steroids and am only left with antibiotics.

I should be fine. Don’t bother asking me what, why, who where and all the stupid questions. My own problems.

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