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ROCK Your Neighbourhood Phase 2

Putting my words into actions has always been something I try to do (all the time).

I went with some group of youths from a youth group called (ROCK). We do charity/missions work every few months and we call this activity ROCK Your Neighbourhood. This is the 2nd time we are doing this; and that’s why it is called Phase 2.

For Phase 2, we went to stART Society. This Society is first of it’s kind. It helps to develop the needs of underprivileged children. Children from orphanages come to learn music, dance, drama, speech, design, writing and so on at this place.

stART Society is helps to develop this talents the kids have; to give them greater opportunities in the future. It is one really amazing place.

So, our task was to go to this place and just do whatever is in the checklist on each rooms. We painted, we folded, we washed, we teared and so on.

The Art Corner. Beautiful painting of the kids are presented here.

The hierarchy chart from the founders to it’s teachers.

We had fun while doing something for the community.

Discussing where and how to start first.

The white wall now turns applelish green.
You know I do like such colours, don’t you? 😛

Packing up and folding the clothes donated to them.

Okay, here is not what you should see.
But, nevertheless! 😛

…they were hardworking too…

If you are keen to help or interesting to find out more about stART Society; do check them out on the website.
Their place is at:
No 1, Jalan 5/39,
Off Jalan Gasing,
46000 Petaling Jaya,

Pangkor Trip (Part 2): Water-ish!

Here is the Part 2 of what happened in Pulau Pangkor during our retreat. The last post covers more on the Walls and the History; and now – how can Pulau Pangkor posts be without the beach right?

So, here is an afternoon at the beach. A very interesting afternoon indeed. (minus the sexy backs)

Some throwing of things and catching them. Frisbee I think.

Here was an interesting one. We actually decided to throw Su May into the water to get her all wet. So all of us (one on one leg, one on the hand, etc, etc)

Now, the pictures were in order. But I did not wanna flood my blog with too many photos. So, here is a fast forward. We took quite some time to catch her though.
Here we go, see the act? 😛
Finally, legs, hands all being held out; while she screams and yell! 😛

Yes, we were mean! 😛

I was not skating or anything like that; I was just caught candid running away from the waves. Looks like I was skating right?

I think this was a fail jumpshot. Okay, bye bye Pulau Pangkor! It was one of the memorable trips I had. Lovin’ it.

Pangkor Trip (Part 1)

I owed my blog a long awaited post on my (many months) ago Pangkor Trip. Yeah, I went to Pangkor with a bunch of fun people. We reached Lumut and took a ferry over to Pangkor.

Pictures tells you the words okay? 😛



Sepet wannabees…

Sorry for the many poser shots; as well as Sepet wannabe =P

Stay tune for Part 2 tomorrow; all water-y posts!

The Nick-ko Birthday!

Just a while (months) ago; we went to celebrate Nicholas Khaw’s Birthday at Quan’s Ice Cream and Coffee House.

Since connection is bad; and I managed to upload only the below pictures, please appreciate and comment okie? 😛

The Birthday Boy

The unique cake thanks to … 😛

The gang! 😛

We gave him a drum sticks bag for his 19th Birthday. He now calls it his ‘beloved’

I am Away Again.

By the time you read this, I am already at Le Paris Resorts and Hotel in Port Dickson for my church’s youth camp. With over 90 over campers at Port Dickson, is set to be a fantastic camp ahead! Do check back my blog for more updates as I would hope to broadcast live from Port Dickson.

Some pictures below to make you envious! =P I am always bad 😛

See y’all folks in KL soon okie? :) I’ll be back on Thursday.

Oh, Where Am I Going?

Guess where I would be heading to tomorrow:

I’ve scheduled the post to tell you the answer! 😛

Japanese Buffet at Saisaki

Just weeks ago, me and some friends went to Saisaki at Wisma UOA (near Pavilion or perhaps, KLCC). I think I actually sinned cause I think I actually gluttoned. But it was just like, endless supply of sushi, desserts, soup, fish etc etc etc. I think I can’t list them all.

Why not you take a look and tell me how that tastes? 😀

The oysters Caleb took!

This was hilarious shots! We were taking multiple shots but there were too many to be uploaded!
Treat me coffee and I show you the story okay? 😀

I guess I summarised everything in 1 post. It was tough but I think it’s better I leave it as a post by itself! Tell me if you got better restaurants to intro okay? 😀

*Pictures credit to Amos Oh
Saisaki Japanese Buffet Restaurant
Unit 1-9, First Floor , Wisma UOA II
21 Jalan Pinang
Kuala Lumpur

The Bananza Party (Pt 2)

Okay. As promised for a Pt 2, I’m here uploading more happenings into my blog. I’ve decided to put full size pictures from now onwards too! Guess it’ll be clearer.

Featuring the one and only Jiahuei Chong dancing (and me too lah, of course ;p)

My sincere apologies for those who thought we wasted food, it was just once in a thousand year. All bananas were eaten and the rotten ones were disposed. I do remember the kids in Africa. I promise. =)

*edits* Oh ya, I met JJ and Ean from at Pavilion being in the lockup today with some friends. It was cool. And we forced Edmund to play futsal with the girls. And when interviewed by my relative Julie Hooi, he said he was from St John’s; and they sang the school anthem with JJ from Hitz!

Do you guys want the HK Blogpost or the Saisaki Blogpost first? Comin’ up more tomorrow!


I am back from a wonderful camp.
Somehow, I am out of words to describe how wonderful this camp is to me and to many. This camp changes lives. Yes, I am so so so tired, I slept almost the whole day. But i know it’s worth every bit of it. I miss camp. I miss the environment. I miss the people. I miss the fun. I miss the worship. I miss the prayers. Really. I do =(
Finally it is has came to an end now.

Leading worship for this big camp hall, with so many people was so scary at first. It really scare me off. However, it did not really stop me from leading people into WORSHIP. I can sense the burden that people are holding on to when they are in church but everything was let go in this camp. Maybe it is the power of prayer and worship. God indeed was moving. When I went on the stage the first time, nothing was about me, nothing was about my voice or nothing was about the team. Everyone was focused on the Lord even the young ones. Everything went on well I would say- minus all the musicians’ mistakes, my out of tune-ess, and the LCD mistakes. It was really an eye opener for me to see how this new generation are willing to just rise up and letting go everything to just come before the Lord. I may have lost my voice, but it is worth every bit of it.

The message was very practical indeed. Learnt many practical ways. It was so amazing that even only the first night, lives were saves (notice the plural form?). God indeed was working in the camp site. How amazing somehow this camp is. It was all messed up even the day before, but everything worked on well because the LORD was by our side.


On the other hand, I am sorry to that special one if I have really ignored you. Really. I was busy throughout the camp. I was trying my very best to msg you every single bit of free time that I have. I really did. The line wasn’t that good for me to call either. I don’t know how to show you that I still love and care for you like before but I really did try. I am sorry for all the time that you were going through. I am sorry. I don’t know whatelse I can say. Anyway, if sorry is gonna heal everything, I would say sorry a zillion times. I miss you.


You will never know the hurt in me. How much more time do you want from me? It has been almost 6 months since i last see you. I just don’t know how long more. I am willling to give all the time in the world just to wait. But will you ever appreciate it? Will you ever use it? How long more do you want me to give? It hits me badly everytime. Whatever goodnight messages you are gonna send me, it still hits me. How long more do you want? Why don’t you tell me?

If you are claiming you are having a rough time, so am I. Having this damn rough time partially because of you! If you think you are gonna break off a whole damn relationship with me, and your problem is solved, QUIT BEING IMMATURE! It doesnt solve your problems instead give you more problems! I am so tired and sick of all these things. I have done all i can and all i could to make you the happiest person you can ever be, but you just never appreciate it and in return, giving me all the hurt and pain. WTF is wrong? Telling me you are busy, I have been with you for months and almost a year. I know when you are busy and when you are not. What you do when you are busy and what you don’t do. I know it so well.

Looking bad at the past, it hits me even more badly. You use to spent your time with me- before school, right after school till we get to bed. You have always been trying to make me the happiest person i can ever be LAST TIME. A little merajuk-ness and unhappiness from me will cause you to react and do the best you could to get me back into the mood- LAST TIME. How many more last time do i need to express.

I sometimes find it so selfish of you. You can just love and care for someone so badly to a certain extent where you are willing to do anything for that person. And in a glimpse of an eye, you can just stop loving and caring for that person just because you have another set of new love ones. How can you do that? I wonder. The most hurtful thing is that you can just leave all those people just like that because you have found someone else.

If it was my whole damned fault, tell me about it. What did I do wrong? Why must you leave me in the dark? How much more pain do I have to endure? Am dying inside because i finally lost everything… Everything… including YOU! YOU! YOU! How much longer do I have to wait? I want everything to be how it used to be like or at least close to it!! I know I am plain pathetic at this damn time.

You told me I was once the first few in your life. Am i still holding that position? Or am I not? I am doubting. After all that has happened, I am doubting. Do you still care and love me like you have always been doing? Looking and hearing you call other people ‘bro’ and being called ‘bro’ doesnt at all hurt me. I am not gonna be selfish. At times, I know i can be selfless. Yes, in fact, most of the time, I am SELFLESS. Argh~ whatever.. You wouldn’t give a fuck about it.

Sometimes i get so upset about everything I contemplate to.. It is because I still care. Well basicly i have no balls for anything, there’s still so much of life to live out, yet there are equally as much to die for. Literally. I get so preoccupied with unnecessary thoughts. Stuff that i shouldn’t give two fucks about. Yet, stuff that stresses the shit out of me. Why do i care about you?! And what you do. You’ll do what you do, and you’ll enjoy what you do, and why am i breaking myself because of what you fucking do? I just don’t know..

I know if you read this, you are gonna be pissed. Very pissed. But i just can’t help it. I have tried lying to myself. I have tried controlling myself. But the love and care for you is just too deep. I just hope you won’t be pissed.

The scars are already there. =(

I no longer feel herculean to you anymore…

How long more do I have to endure? I am going crazy…



pictures speaks a thousand words

Figuring things out

Getting ready…at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa- Eye On Malaysiaat KL Sentralat Museum Negaraat KLCC- taking a picture of the team with the Twin Towers1st team to arrive- RespulsiaThe people behind the scenes **********

I guess thats all i gotta say for now.. I am sorry if I have ever offended anyone =(

I know it was not my kind to be so rude and foul nowadays. But I guess it just slips up from my mouth. I have never used this words since I was in Form 1.




If you really want to go. Let me know and I will TRY (no promises) help you get the details.