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Tapas Bistro and Bar, Micasa All Suite Hotel

So, my life has been all about Eating recently. My cousin told me yesterday, “You only have 1 life to be fat”. Ohhkay, fine. But not toooo fat. Recently, I was invited to Tapas Bistro and Bar at Micasa All Suite Hotel courtesy of I LOVE DISCOUNTS and mann, that place is rocking awesome. I mean it’s just so cozy. If it was earlier, I think the pool view has been awesome. Not that I am perverted.DSC_1270 Dim romantic lightings brings the best out of the place. Not too dim though, just nice for a good dinner with family for chats and hang outs.DSC_1271 They have a bar in the centre too. I don’t drink. Not commenting.DSC_1277 Food arrived, at the Director of Sales Ms Pamela actually served us. Not really served, but I love her hospitality.DSC_1317 So, I don’t know why pictures of me eating always get into action. Makes me look extremely fat and it makes me look like I glutton. But repeat with me, “You only have 1 life to get fat”DSC_1323 DSC_1333 Great talk across the table with lil background light music for our entertainment.DSC_1337 Okay, I admit I gluttoned. But the beef burger thingy was awesomesauce.DSC_1340 The fries are actually made of real potatoes – thick, long, crispy. No, not what you are thinking.DSC_1342 Awesome ambience with tidy decoration.DSC_1345Asian Delights: Char Kuey Teow.DSC_1288 The portion was really good. It was tasty in it’s own unique way with prawns and some sotong in it. It’s no ordinary Char Kuey Teow by the roadside. Asian Delights: Claypot Yee Mee It actually tastes really good. It’s really Asian. You get mushrooms, sotong, eggs, prawns (and ginger). LOL.DSC_1289 DSC_1292 DSC_1295 This is TAPAS, their specialty and unique food. Dip it with the special bread and it tastes really good. It wasn’t at all oily (though it looks like it) and it’s really light.DSC_1298 DSC_1299 Asian Delights: Nasi Lemak. Awesome good stuffs. You get more than the “biasa” – prawns, kangkung, rendang. But this is really good stuffs. I think I loved this the most. It’s really good and filling for one meal. :)DSC_1303 DSC_1305 Hello Tomato Meatballs. You were more than awesome. Tender, soft and chewy. Though I did think your balls came a little to big for my one bite mouth! 😛DSC_1306 Western Delights: Beef Burger. I was too full when this came out, but you need to know I ate. Don’t judge me! 😛 And the patty was made by the store itself. I like the tenderness of the patty and how one mouth can’t bite the bun, egg, patty and garnishing in it. And not forgetting the fries, if you always think those small tiny fries are not your thing, this IS your thing!DSC_1319 DSC_1321So, all in all, it’s a place you and me should go. Hangout together. Take a chat. Catchup and Crap.

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Swan Lake Korean Restaurant, Sri Petaling

So, I was thinking as to what to write or blog about since I’ve numerous pending posts. I know, it doesn’t sound too good on me. This is a restaurant located at Sri Petaling, the new area where the hype is starting to build up – Swan Lake Korean Restaurant.DSC_1232This place has very traditional and unique architecture; though it does not have the capacity to be a boutique restaurant yet. But that was what I felt when I entered. DSC_1233 See, I told you that my psychic mind tells me their original plan was to make it a boutique restaurant. I like the unique floorings. I am weird.DSC_1234 This place is excellent for hang out. It’s spacious, it’s cozy and it’s like a place where people can chill, scream and even do what they want lah. 😛DSC_1238 If you think this place can easily be packed, no way. It’s huge.DSC_1239 DSC_1241 Here’s the food shots for this restaurant. I’d say it tastes pretty weird. But I gotta confess; I AM NO FAN OF KOREAN FOOD. So, I’d think the mentions below are based on my jurisdiction. If it tastes worst than what I wrote, forgive me. If it tastes better than what I wrote, then good for you lah! HahaDSC_1251 This is a kind of Korean BBQ Meat. On my first bite, I thought it smell weird (I AM WEIRD). But on my consecutive few rounds, I thought it tastes really good. You know those rendang meat? The meat does feel like those. On my last few bites, I prolly got the fatter meat, so I wasn’t too keen. But I like the onion and the way it is served though. Hot and sizzling. 😀DSC_1374 DSC_1379 Don’t be deceived, the picture below is a picture which has not been cooked. It was for illustration purposes only. I personally like the dishes in the hot pot, but not the prawns obviously. I am no fan of seafood, if you’ve not noticed.DSC_1385 I feel like a star when a picture of mine is snapped #randomDSC_1393 DSC_1399 Ohai, by the way, this is XIANG. The blogger who went with me for this food tasting.DSC_1400 I can’t remember if it was my first bite, middle bite, or last bites. I do look bored and I do look like a kid playing with food. But hey, life is meant to be enjoyed, no?DSC_1415 DSC_1417 Welcome to the life of a 12 year old. :))DSC_1423 This is the porridge hot pot. Not a big fan of porridge but I have to admit that the porridge really had the taste of the dishes in it. The prawns, mushrooms and all really made the porridge tastes good. Well, who ever didn’t know that putting prawns and all into a porridge of soup makes it tastes good kan?DSC_1434 DSC_1435 I like this soup. It tastes a bit like Maggi Sup, but the stuffs inside is wayyyy better than Maggi Soup. This is no cheap stuffs. Oh, I like it boiling. It kinda gets me going cause it makes me feel hawt! 😛DSC_1441 They have some red dates in it to get the whole thing going too. I like those red dates. Who doesn’t? 😛DSC_1443 DSC_1445 DSC_1446 DSC_1451 DSC_1452 DSC_1454 DSC_1455 It was crazily frigging hot and the photographer chose to take this picture. No, I’m not afraid of it being spicy. DSC_1473 DSC_1474 DSC_1475 See, we were both slurping soup. The soup was undeniably quite nice.DSC_1482 DSC_1489 DSC_1490 This was the porridge version of it. I know it doesn’t look as appetising as it should be, but it still does have good stuffs in it.DSC_1493 Oh, I like the Blueberry drink. Or was it blackberry. Either way, some sort of berry juice turns me on. Haha. Kidding. 😛DSC_1495 DSC_1503 Well, it’s worth a try. I won’t say it is extremely fantatatastic. But if you are looking for a chillout place, a Korean Chinese Restaurant, a convenient and spacious area, consider this place. ___________________________________________________________________________ Address: 125 Jalan Radin Bagus, Bandar Baru Seri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Perseketuan.

Japan Super GT Pre Party at ZOUK, KL

I am back into writing and posting stuffs on my random blog again. But it’s all different this time, cause it’s gonna be all about hot chics and hot cars. 1 Held at Zouk Club, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur organised by the Super GT Team, this event was set to be a kickstart to the oncoming Super GT Events (and the main event to be held on 18 and 19 June 2011)1a 1b As usual, the lightings in Zouk Club is always as awesome as ever.2 The DJ rockin’ the club.2a 3 4 5 The Hot Chics. Well, I kinda think some people go for Super GT because of hot chics and not the cars. Okay, I might be wrong. Very wrong.6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 See, fact proven. Even more hot chics!15 And here’s to more cars. I kinda enjoy looking at the pictures of the cars.16 17 I don’t know why this picture was snapped but it’s all about the cars aight? See the shape of the cars, it makes me feel like going on it.18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Ending the post with an awesome Malaysia view. A view with the magnificent Twin Towers. Malaysia is Beautiful.29 Do remember to check out more SUPER GT Stuffs on I LOVE DISCOUNTS and the awesome deals there before it ends! Photo credits: Derek Ooi.

Bar’licious Restaurant, Solaris Dutamas

Bar’licious is a modern restaurant and bar that serves yummy, delicious & halal western food located in Solarist Dutamas. A great place to hang out & unwind after a hard day of work with your love ones and friends.D3C_9669This is one unique header. You have to agree with me on this.D3C_9673With a contemporary design and furnitures, Bar’licious is considered to be one of the hippest place in town. D3C_9652 D3C_9653 Oh, if you are a fan of high ceiling, this is definitely one of them.D3C_9657 They do serve some wine too. I ain’t a big fan of alcohol, but the design and outlook looks impressive.D3C_9658 D3C_9659 D3C_9663 D3C_9665One of the item served in the menu in Bar’licious. It is some sort of Minestrone soup. A lil sour but I have to say that the soup is really rich.D3C_9676 D3C_9682 A Roast Chicken Salad. They do have some vinegar in it, it’s pretty sour but it keeps you awake. An amazing appetizer.D3C_9685 D3C_9686 D3C_9688 I didn’t get to try this, but it is definitely one of the amazing food in Bar’licious. The serving itself looks really neat, nice and yummy!D3C_9690 D3C_9691 D3C_9695 D3C_9696 D3C_9697 I don’t know what made my eyes that way. But oh, it’s just another snap shot of myself.D3C_9700 Carbonara Pasta. This smells extremely delicious. Very nice and unique.D3C_9704 D3C_9705 D3C_9706 D3C_9708 D3C_9709 This is the Bar’licious Soup. This was rich and it tastes extremely nice. It has some Barley in it and if you think it suck, nope, the taste was awesome.D3C_9713 Squid! This is no joke. Big pieces of squid all for you.D3C_9718 D3C_9719 D3C_9720 Told you they had amazing decoration?D3C_9724 Chicken Chop. Waaaaaw, The smell was actually really nice when it was served.D3C_9727 D3C_9728 D3C_9729 This is amaazing. Being a desert freak, this one is really amazing. The chocolate and the stars brings you to heaven, with that little bread under it. It blends really well. The rich taste of chocolates that just melts in your mouth.D3C_9734 D3C_9735D3C_9739 Check out I LOVE DISCOUNTS all this week to find out a super exclusive good deal. Don’t be late and don’t miss this out. _________________________________________________________________________ Address: D2-G4-01, Solaris Dutamas, No 1, Jln Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Opening Hours: Mon – Thurs: 11:00 am-12:00 am  :  Fri – Sat: 11:00 am-1:00 am

Ultimate Metal Music Store

Okay, big big fans of music. This is one awesome possum shop you might wanna check out. Well equipped store “Ultimate Metal Music” provides classes and sell electrical instruments.UM Metal Logo  Full Version Ultimate Metal Music caters to rare modern musical instruments and lesson to the industry that always being mis-understood by many people.IMG_9375 IMG_9383 Tidily and neatly arranged instruments for your viewing pleasure with a cozy environment definitely deserves a visit.IMG_9395 Fan of drum sets? How to play drum sets? This is one store that provides you an all in one service.IMG_9421 Loook at the cool amplifiers. All the brands of the amplifiers makes me wanna jam! 😀IMG_9438 IMG_9439 Located conveniently at Desa Sri Hartamas.IMG_9443IMG_9998 IMG_9004 A map to Ultimate Metal Music. A cool store with really good instructors to train you at a very reasonable price.sri_hartamas_mapYou might wanna check out I LOVE DISCOUNTS tomorrow as there’s a deal for only a maximum of 20 buyers only. Check it out aight? Oh, and there’s discounts if you buy the classes deal starting tomorrow. Check it out now!

Prince Cafe, SS2

Hi, I have a long undiscovered dream that I would want to be Prince one day. Imagine sitting by the beach or sitting on the rocking chair all day rotting. Nah, I’m just kidding. But well, you can always feel like a PRINCE at Prince Cafe, located at the world’s busiest place – SS2. Minus the parking rants, it is actually an awesome place to dine, chat and catch up. There’s no reason why the spoons, forks and chopsticks are here, I just choose to.DSC_0915 No, I failed miserably when it comes to posing. Don’t bother asking me to be a poser. I am not that vain after all.DSC_0916 But nevertheless, I actually liked my smile. It’s quite genuine. Don’t deny it.DSC_0917 Prince Cafe interior is pretty simple and cozy. If you are looking for a good chat, here’s a great place. Okay, let me be honest – this is not a place to scream, shout or play mahjong.DSC_0918 The exterior of Prince Cafe is pretty decent and simple too. If you enjoy the wind and the nature, maybe you can consider sitting out there cause it is nice! DSC_0922 DSC_0925DSC_0946 The signboard is crazily big that you can’t missed it. Please tell me you’ve not missed this cafe since you entered SS2. If you do, I wouldn’t mind suggesting you to a doctor.DSC_0930Get a great deal with I LOVE DISCOUNTS really soon at just a spanking RM 13.50 instead of RM 22.80. Be sure to save more with I LOVE DISCOUNTS. This amazing deal offers you a selection of Cheese Baked Rice with Fish Fillet or Baked Rice with Pork Chop in Twin Sauce + A Choice of ANY of the Smoothies Be sure to indulge is a good variety of drinks in Prince Cafe. I’ve to said I was spoilt for choices when I saw the list of drinks. But heck, choose a drink that suits your taste for the day.DSC_0939 DSC_0945 Ice Jasmine and Honey – simple and niceDSC_0966 DSC_0972 Bake Rice with Pork Chop in Twin Sauce – the meat was a little too hard; but it was still nice. If you are a big fan of cheese, these 2 dishes is a MUST TRY.DSC_0978 Basically the cheese melts in your mouth and the rice ain’t too hard or too soft. Just baked into perfection.DSC_0983 Cheese Baked Rice with Fish Fillet – My Personal Favorite. I am a big fan of fish. And not to mention, cheese. When both comes together, I get high. No, just kidding. The meat was just nice – not too hard nor too soft.DSC_0985 DSC_0987 DSC_0989 You see, the joy of indulging in good food. I actually realised I don’t have to head to Hong Kong for good Hong Kong food.DSC_0990 Before signing off, this is amazing. Chilli. You should know I’m a fan of Chilli. This is really good. Eat it with the Cheese Baked Rice(s) Sets and I tell you, it blends all in. Awesomecombo!DSC_0991 DSC_0993 DSC_0994 The expression and pictures speaks a thousand words! 😀DSC_0995 DSC_0996 DSC_0997DSC_1000 Coming soon on I LOVE DISCOUNTS, get your 41% and have a great lunch, meal or tea. Good Hong Kong food doesn’t come all the time. :)__________________________________________________________________________ Address: No. 58-60 Jalan SS2/67, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Tel: 03-7874 3995.

Su’s Cakes for Kicks

I am fat. Don’t tell me. But this cakes is unavoidable la. If I don’t eat it, the name tells you what it’d do to me. I love my butt too much to have a kick. So, I chose to indulge in something that’s really kick-ass.D3C_7750 Su’s Cakes located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur in Fahrenheit88 is really a good place for tea and for relaxation after a long day at work. And they already told you they don’t just bake cakes; cause they bake extraordinary cakes.D3C_7640 This picture is their famous Durian Cheese Cakes. If you have been following me, you’d know I’ll rant about it everytime my house has durian. So, I’ll be honest, I did not try the durian cheesecake, but according to their boss, it’s the best seller in Su’s Cakes.D3C_7652 #random I like the simplicity in this place. Simple is so me!D3C_7661 Oh, this caught my attention. Giant Cupcake. Imagine indulging yourself in this Giant Cupcake. I see it’s attractive. I feel like digging in.D3C_7665 To give you an extra cake, they give you a “kick” with some freshly baked cookies.D3C_7666 Some other cakes at Su’s Cakes for Kicks. It’s niche area is basically “CHEESE”. Who cares if it takes good but costs you that extra few calories? Big fat guy taking here.D3C_7671 D3C_7676 I actually like their boxes too. Really well design, simple and clean. Represents elegance. Like it! 😀D3C_7679 See, proves my point, less is more! 😀 I am being an art designer in this post. Talking like a pro.D3C_7688 D3C_7689 Don’t it just makes you love cyan more?D3C_7698 Tasting Testing time. Well served, well fed too. 3 types of cakes for our indulgence.D3C_7700 No, I am not promoting durian cheesecakes here. But apparently, it really does taste good. How on earth did people ever thought of making durian cheesecakes? How would durian and cheese ever came together? Cheese is like heaven and durian is like (say what you want). 😛D3C_7706 The chocolate cheese cake. Really good. Ain’t too sweet. If you like deep dark choco, this is the one. I actually loved the nutty under the cakes. I like crispy crunchy things, remember?D3C_7712 Don’t ask me why Durian Cheesecakes keep popping up. I have no ideas. 😀D3C_7715 D3C_7716 Blueberry Cheese Cake. Okay, this is fatabulous. The Blueberry is really tasty unlike some cakes which has just a little of blueberry. It’s sweet and it mixes well with the cheese. And as usual, the digestive biscuits at the bottom rocks my socks!D3C_7719 I am overweight. I am excited. Thats just me. Having a slice of cakes gets me going.D3C_7723 Don’t ask me how this picture fell into my blog.D3C_7729 Don’t you love this smile when you feed me with some cakes? Vanity strikes!D3C_7732 D3C_7741 All hyper and high after the cakes. Don’t glutton over the cakes. Buy 1 for your friend too.D3C_7747 Feed me before I actually eat forks. I do.D3C_7748 D3C_7749 Get this deal right now at I LOVE DISCOUNTS at a spanking 40% off. Deal details on and I am sure you’d want to pack a few home. If you buy the voucher from I LOVE DISCOUNTS, you get to purchase other cakes at an additional 5% off. Freaking worth it la. Especially if you are down and sad. See, it makes me all hyper. #random Sometimes, it’s okay to be cheese-y! 😛 ____________________________________________________________________________ Su’s Cakes for Kicks Address: Lot G41, Ground Floor, Next to the Escalator, Farhenheit 88, 88 Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Perseketuan

Suka Cafe (Food : Drinks : Social)

This is definitely one of the “hottest” place in Kuala Lumpur. Before it all, let me apologise for placing so many pictures on this post. I really like some of the shots and by the time I chose, it still amount this many pictures. Introducing to you: SUKA with an amazing tagline: Food. Drinks. Social.DSC_0608 Suka Cafe is located at the heart of the city in Kuala Lumpur and is situated among many offices, buildings and shop lots. Suka Cafe really have loads to offer. Who cares if it’s situated among many other coffee shop when it is really good? The grand entrance at Suka really tells a lot, eh?DSC_0609 The “welcome lounge” looks need, tidy and comfortable as always. It is not for sleeping la obviously! It’s definitely a chill out place!DSC_0610 DSC_0612 This is the serving area and I personally like the design and how things are placed. Tidy, neat and welcoming. 😉DSC_0617 This is the counter area, well lighted up with very cozy, Asian deco.DSC_0622 Diverting a little, I actually LIKE this shot! ;pDSC_0625 Oh, I always loved cafes with high ceiling so that I can see the sky. Just kidding. But this cafe really has nice ceiling.DSC_0626 When there’s matches on, you get to see things LIVE in Suka. Hang out, chill out – it’s all you can do at Suka.DSC_0627 Perfect comfortable seats and lightings.DSC_0634 Going into the meals. There are 2 meals which it’s worth the buy. I LOVE DISCOUNTS will be offering a fantastic deal which I will give you a chance to choose these 2 sets offered by Suka Cafe. Set 1: Bento Seafood Tofu Set Set 2: Bento Chicken Set The original price for 1 set costs RM 16.90 including an Ice Lemon Tea. The Ice Lemon Tea I had, which was really chilling for a chillaxing person like me. At I LOVE DISCOUNTS the offer will now be a Buy 1 Free 1 with an option of either or or both sets at the same price RM 16.90. That’s getting 2 sets with the same price.DSC_0643 Option 1: Bento Seafood Tofu SetDSC_0651 The Bento Seafood Tofu set can really fill you up like a balloon already. It has sotongs and prawns accompanied with nice Japanese Tofu and some meat. Really good stuffs I’d say!DSC_0654 I want to randomly add that I love the Thai Chilli Sauce. It’s superblicious. It is well presented. Doesn’t at all looks messy. Really good for lunch or dinner.DSC_0655 Option 2: Bento Chicken SetDSC_0657 This is another one. If you are a carnivore, then this is a must-try. Matched with dumplings and touge. I have to say that the Dumplings (or wanton) is really really really good. Crispy and filled with meat. Okay, I love crispy stuffs. I won’t mind having a tong of it as tidbits at work. ;pDSC_0662 A closer shot of the chicken. Taste and smell really good.DSC_0665 See, I told you I found another new love. Her name is – Suka Wanton.DSC_0666 Vanity shot of myself trying their food.DSC_0668 Yes yes! I gained weight.Don’t laugh. Not funny at all. It’s about the food. Not me.DSC_0669 See, I love vegetable. Who says I don’t eat veg is a big liar! ;pDSC_0670 Suka Cafe is also a good hangout place for lunch and dinner. Not too noisy and good for discussion and chats. It’s a place where many office workers, youths hang out at. DSC_0675 Don’t tell the boss I told you that I usually have my band meetings there. Have a meal and discuss all your stuffs there. Pretty good place.DSC_0680 DSC_0681 Good service too. There are many waiters and waitress there enthusiastically waiting for you to join them!DSC_0682 Pricing at Suka Cafe isn’t very expensive. It’s very reasonable for such a location and ambience. If you are comparing to your friendly neighbourhood cafes or kopitiams, this is 10 times better. Believe or not. Go try!DSC_0684 DSC_0685 DSC_0694If you want to stay out and have a meal enjoying the hustle bustle of the city, the exterior of Suka is really nice and wide too.DSC_0695 Try out the deal offered by Suka Cafe offered by I LOVE DISCOUNTS by purchasing a few vouchers of the RM 16.90 for 2 sets. It’s worth your time and money to try it out. Have my word for it. Good friends, Good company should match Good food, Good ambience. RM 16.90 for 2 sets is a super worth deal!__________________________________________________________________________ Address: One Residency, Lot A-0-1, No. 1 Jalan Nagasari, Off Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Perseketuan. Tel: 03-2141 9997. Suka’s Website: Suka’s Facebook: Search “Thesuka” Suka’s Twitter:

Japan Super GT Kuala Lumpur 2011 Tickets.

Dying for Japan Super GT Kuala Lumpur 2011 tickets? I really wonder if you are dying for the cars or dying for the hot girls (to guys, of course). Which is which is your reason to be at Super GT Kuala Lumpur 2011.225433_222114851137727_205926546089891_1040359_3175652_n race_queen_super_gt_2006_malaysia_launchNevertheless, doing a quick search on Google proves to me that Japan Super GT is more of the girls than the cars. You can just click on IMAGE and you’ll see girls like they had no cash to buy cloths in action. If that’s your form of entertainment, you must go for Japan Super GT 2011 in Kuala Lumpur.weiliam_03sJAPAN SUPER GT Kuala Lumpur 2011 Details: Qualifying: June 18, 2011 Race Day: June 19, 2011 Place: Sepang International Circuit2010-Japan-Super-GT-Day-1-2332-600x398 These are some of the hot hot cars you get to see it LIVE here in Kuala Lumpur.20090620JapanGT090848es bbb-supergtlaunch01 sgt1 If you are a huge fan of cars, then my advise is you have to be here! These are the grand stand tickets. 196633_10150145716622798_683117797_6897030_6231565_n

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Haus of BiB

Having a hard time finding cases or housing for your Blackberry, iPhones, iPods or iPads? Or having a hard time finding a person to do it for you?       D3C_7501       D3C_7514Here’s the thing. I’ve never seen a place as random as a simple house can have accessories for all your gadgets ranging from Blackberry, iPhone, iPod and iPad cases or housing. Let me tell you my life fifth most embarrassing story: It is too cozy in Haus of BiB that I was terrified. All for one reason – the friendly dogs; not 1 of them but 3 of them.D3C_7521 Forget about all the embarrassing stories of mine but think about the embarrassing stories of your gadgets. Can you afford to let them go naked?D3C_7495 Come on, admit it. I know you love them but you shall not keep them naked. Protect and extend your personality to your personal gadgets. In Haus of BiB, who cares if you are using a Blackberry, iPhone, iPod Nano or Touch, or even and iPad.D3C_7504D3C_7506 Be as vibrant or subdued as your would like to be with the wide selection of casings to choose from at Haus of BIB. Haus of BIB are well known for their expertise in repairing and making over Blackberry phones and is currently offering the same service to iPhones.D3C_7500D3C_7498 Conveniently located in Bangsar and recently featured on New Straits Times, don’t miss out on this opportunity to spruce up your phones at RM 10 for a RM 30 cash voucher, saving RM 20. Fret not if you are thinking if it fits your old models because at Haus of BiB, old and new models of Blackberries and iPhones are catered for.D3C_7515 And with the hype of the recent iPad 2, you must not leave if you have not checked the iPad casings.D3C_7508 Or maybe if you intend to be cute for a day or two, try purchase the below and make your friend’s envy of you.D3C_7518Or maybe if you have been a fan of Hello Kitty or Winnie the Pooh, be sure to enjoy getting one and make yourself a fanboy or fangirl today.D3C_7512 Be sure to fill you life with some colour by heading to Haus of BiB, Bangsar now! But before that, purchase your vouchers from I LOVE DISCOUNTS to ensure you get your gadgets done up in a special rate. __________________________________________________________________________ Haus of BiB: 107 Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Perseketuan.