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Having a hard time finding cases or housing for your Blackberry, iPhones, iPods or iPads? Or having a hard time finding a person to do it for you?       D3C_7501       D3C_7514Here’s the thing. I’ve never seen a place as random as a simple house can have accessories for all your gadgets ranging from Blackberry, iPhone, iPod and iPad cases or housing. Let me tell you my life fifth most embarrassing story: It is too cozy in Haus of BiB that I was terrified. All for one reason – the friendly dogs; not 1 of them but 3 of them.D3C_7521 Forget about all the embarrassing stories of mine but think about the embarrassing stories of your gadgets. Can you afford to let them go naked?D3C_7495 Come on, admit it. I know you love them but you shall not keep them naked. Protect and extend your personality to your personal gadgets. In Haus of BiB, who cares if you are using a Blackberry, iPhone, iPod Nano or Touch, or even and iPad.D3C_7504D3C_7506 Be as vibrant or subdued as your would like to be with the wide selection of casings to choose from at Haus of BIB. Haus of BIB are well known for their expertise in repairing and making over Blackberry phones and is currently offering the same service to iPhones.D3C_7500D3C_7498 Conveniently located in Bangsar and recently featured on New Straits Times, don’t miss out on this opportunity to spruce up your phones at RM 10 for a RM 30 cash voucher, saving RM 20. Fret not if you are thinking if it fits your old models because at Haus of BiB, old and new models of Blackberries and iPhones are catered for.D3C_7515 And with the hype of the recent iPad 2, you must not leave if you have not checked the iPad casings.D3C_7508 Or maybe if you intend to be cute for a day or two, try purchase the below and make your friend’s envy of you.D3C_7518Or maybe if you have been a fan of Hello Kitty or Winnie the Pooh, be sure to enjoy getting one and make yourself a fanboy or fangirl today.D3C_7512 Be sure to fill you life with some colour by heading to Haus of BiB, Bangsar now! But before that, purchase your vouchers from I LOVE DISCOUNTS to ensure you get your gadgets done up in a special rate. __________________________________________________________________________ Haus of BiB: 107 Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Perseketuan.


  1. Reply
    iylia May 21, 2011

    hi there.
    i want to ask.can i customize my own design for bb using the voucher (rm10 for rm30 from mydeal)?


  2. Reply
    alvinkok May 21, 2011

    You meant from I LOVE DISCOUNTS? Yes, you can. 😉

  3. Reply
    Anonymous May 23, 2011

    Hi, may I know what's the price range for ipad 2 casing?


  4. Reply
    alvinkok May 23, 2011

    It's RM 80 as far as I know. Or you can alternatively contact them. 😉

  5. Reply
    Darren May 25, 2011

    How much is the blackberry case ya for 9700 bold.

  6. Reply
    alvinkok May 25, 2011

    Hey Darren, please contact Eric at 012-698 3915

  7. Reply
    BenNike May 25, 2011

    Hi iylia. The voucher can only be used for cases only.

    Housings are not applicable to be use with the vouchers. Thank you =)

  8. Reply
    lys May 31, 2011

    I was there last week! The dogs are so small and cute leh!!! =)

  9. Reply
    alvinkok May 31, 2011

    iys: Sorry la, dog hater. LOL! But hope you had a great time at Haus of BiB. =D

  10. Reply
    Anonymous August 1, 2011


    I would like to know if you sell casings for Garmin Asus A10?

  11. Reply
    BenNike August 2, 2011

    We only sell casing for Blackberry and Apple stuff =)

  12. Reply
    shariff93 February 23, 2012

    do u have ipod classi cover??

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