Suka Cafe (Food : Drinks : Social)

This is definitely one of the “hottest” place in Kuala Lumpur. Before it all, let me apologise for placing so many pictures on this post. I really like some of the shots and by the time I chose, it still amount this many pictures. Introducing to you: SUKA with an amazing tagline: Food. Drinks. Social.DSC_0608 Suka Cafe is located at the heart of the city in Kuala Lumpur and is situated among many offices, buildings and shop lots. Suka Cafe really have loads to offer. Who cares if it’s situated among many other coffee shop when it is really good? The grand entrance at Suka really tells a lot, eh?DSC_0609 The “welcome lounge” looks need, tidy and comfortable as always. It is not for sleeping la obviously! It’s definitely a chill out place!DSC_0610 DSC_0612 This is the serving area and I personally like the design and how things are placed. Tidy, neat and welcoming. 😉DSC_0617 This is the counter area, well lighted up with very cozy, Asian deco.DSC_0622 Diverting a little, I actually LIKE this shot! ;pDSC_0625 Oh, I always loved cafes with high ceiling so that I can see the sky. Just kidding. But this cafe really has nice ceiling.DSC_0626 When there’s matches on, you get to see things LIVE in Suka. Hang out, chill out – it’s all you can do at Suka.DSC_0627 Perfect comfortable seats and lightings.DSC_0634 Going into the meals. There are 2 meals which it’s worth the buy. I LOVE DISCOUNTS will be offering a fantastic deal which I will give you a chance to choose these 2 sets offered by Suka Cafe. Set 1: Bento Seafood Tofu Set Set 2: Bento Chicken Set The original price for 1 set costs RM 16.90 including an Ice Lemon Tea. The Ice Lemon Tea I had, which was really chilling for a chillaxing person like me. At I LOVE DISCOUNTS the offer will now be a Buy 1 Free 1 with an option of either or or both sets at the same price RM 16.90. That’s getting 2 sets with the same price.DSC_0643 Option 1: Bento Seafood Tofu SetDSC_0651 The Bento Seafood Tofu set can really fill you up like a balloon already. It has sotongs and prawns accompanied with nice Japanese Tofu and some meat. Really good stuffs I’d say!DSC_0654 I want to randomly add that I love the Thai Chilli Sauce. It’s superblicious. It is well presented. Doesn’t at all looks messy. Really good for lunch or dinner.DSC_0655 Option 2: Bento Chicken SetDSC_0657 This is another one. If you are a carnivore, then this is a must-try. Matched with dumplings and touge. I have to say that the Dumplings (or wanton) is really really really good. Crispy and filled with meat. Okay, I love crispy stuffs. I won’t mind having a tong of it as tidbits at work. ;pDSC_0662 A closer shot of the chicken. Taste and smell really good.DSC_0665 See, I told you I found another new love. Her name is – Suka Wanton.DSC_0666 Vanity shot of myself trying their food.DSC_0668 Yes yes! I gained weight.Don’t laugh. Not funny at all. It’s about the food. Not me.DSC_0669 See, I love vegetable. Who says I don’t eat veg is a big liar! ;pDSC_0670 Suka Cafe is also a good hangout place for lunch and dinner. Not too noisy and good for discussion and chats. It’s a place where many office workers, youths hang out at. DSC_0675 Don’t tell the boss I told you that I usually have my band meetings there. Have a meal and discuss all your stuffs there. Pretty good place.DSC_0680 DSC_0681 Good service too. There are many waiters and waitress there enthusiastically waiting for you to join them!DSC_0682 Pricing at Suka Cafe isn’t very expensive. It’s very reasonable for such a location and ambience. If you are comparing to your friendly neighbourhood cafes or kopitiams, this is 10 times better. Believe or not. Go try!DSC_0684 DSC_0685 DSC_0694If you want to stay out and have a meal enjoying the hustle bustle of the city, the exterior of Suka is really nice and wide too.DSC_0695 Try out the deal offered by Suka Cafe offered by I LOVE DISCOUNTS by purchasing a few vouchers of the RM 16.90 for 2 sets. It’s worth your time and money to try it out. Have my word for it. Good friends, Good company should match Good food, Good ambience. RM 16.90 for 2 sets is a super worth deal!__________________________________________________________________________ Address: One Residency, Lot A-0-1, No. 1 Jalan Nagasari, Off Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Perseketuan. Tel: 03-2141 9997. Suka’s Website: Suka’s Facebook: Search “Thesuka” Suka’s Twitter:

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