Prince Cafe, SS2

Hi, I have a long undiscovered dream that I would want to be Prince one day. Imagine sitting by the beach or sitting on the rocking chair all day rotting. Nah, I’m just kidding. But well, you can always feel like a PRINCE at Prince Cafe, located at the world’s busiest place – SS2. Minus the parking rants, it is actually an awesome place to dine, chat and catch up. There’s no reason why the spoons, forks and chopsticks are here, I just choose to.DSC_0915 No, I failed miserably when it comes to posing. Don’t bother asking me to be a poser. I am not that vain after all.DSC_0916 But nevertheless, I actually liked my smile. It’s quite genuine. Don’t deny it.DSC_0917 Prince Cafe interior is pretty simple and cozy. If you are looking for a good chat, here’s a great place. Okay, let me be honest – this is not a place to scream, shout or play mahjong.DSC_0918 The exterior of Prince Cafe is pretty decent and simple too. If you enjoy the wind and the nature, maybe you can consider sitting out there cause it is nice! DSC_0922 DSC_0925DSC_0946 The signboard is crazily big that you can’t missed it. Please tell me you’ve not missed this cafe since you entered SS2. If you do, I wouldn’t mind suggesting you to a doctor.DSC_0930Get a great deal with I LOVE DISCOUNTS really soon at just a spanking RM 13.50 instead of RM 22.80. Be sure to save more with I LOVE DISCOUNTS. This amazing deal offers you a selection of Cheese Baked Rice with Fish Fillet or Baked Rice with Pork Chop in Twin Sauce + A Choice of ANY of the Smoothies Be sure to indulge is a good variety of drinks in Prince Cafe. I’ve to said I was spoilt for choices when I saw the list of drinks. But heck, choose a drink that suits your taste for the day.DSC_0939 DSC_0945 Ice Jasmine and Honey – simple and niceDSC_0966 DSC_0972 Bake Rice with Pork Chop in Twin Sauce – the meat was a little too hard; but it was still nice. If you are a big fan of cheese, these 2 dishes is a MUST TRY.DSC_0978 Basically the cheese melts in your mouth and the rice ain’t too hard or too soft. Just baked into perfection.DSC_0983 Cheese Baked Rice with Fish Fillet – My Personal Favorite. I am a big fan of fish. And not to mention, cheese. When both comes together, I get high. No, just kidding. The meat was just nice – not too hard nor too soft.DSC_0985 DSC_0987 DSC_0989 You see, the joy of indulging in good food. I actually realised I don’t have to head to Hong Kong for good Hong Kong food.DSC_0990 Before signing off, this is amazing. Chilli. You should know I’m a fan of Chilli. This is really good. Eat it with the Cheese Baked Rice(s) Sets and I tell you, it blends all in. Awesomecombo!DSC_0991 DSC_0993 DSC_0994 The expression and pictures speaks a thousand words! 😀DSC_0995 DSC_0996 DSC_0997DSC_1000 Coming soon on I LOVE DISCOUNTS, get your 41% and have a great lunch, meal or tea. Good Hong Kong food doesn’t come all the time. :)__________________________________________________________________________ Address: No. 58-60 Jalan SS2/67, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Tel: 03-7874 3995.

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    Xjion89 June 1, 2011

    omg, it seemed so nice to eat over thre! with discounted price tooooo~~~ so coooool~~~


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