Ultimate Metal Music Store

Okay, big big fans of music. This is one awesome possum shop you might wanna check out. Well equipped store “Ultimate Metal Music” provides classes and sell electrical instruments.UM Metal Logo  Full Version Ultimate Metal Music caters to rare modern musical instruments and lesson to the industry that always being mis-understood by many people.IMG_9375 IMG_9383 Tidily and neatly arranged instruments for your viewing pleasure with a cozy environment definitely deserves a visit.IMG_9395 Fan of drum sets? How to play drum sets? This is one store that provides you an all in one service.IMG_9421 Loook at the cool amplifiers. All the brands of the amplifiers makes me wanna jam! 😀IMG_9438 IMG_9439 Located conveniently at Desa Sri Hartamas.IMG_9443IMG_9998 IMG_9004 A map to Ultimate Metal Music. A cool store with really good instructors to train you at a very reasonable price.sri_hartamas_mapYou might wanna check out I LOVE DISCOUNTS tomorrow as there’s a deal for only a maximum of 20 buyers only. Check it out aight? Oh, and there’s discounts if you buy the classes deal starting tomorrow. Check it out now!

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