Hong Kong (Part 6)

I am actually summarising my posts for Hong Kong already. At the Conference, each country were supposed to present an item (I’ve said it before). And Malaysia’s performance was just almost the last night. Here, we were behind the stage practicing hard for our performance to do our best to represent Malaysia in the international (Asian) arena. We were nervous yet hilarious.hk pics 534There we go, we’re on. Singing “Standing in the Eyes of the World”P1060820 P1060851 Done with the Conferences’ post in Hong Kong. Now, we were about to celebrate New Year 2010 at Hong Kong. We were hosted by a church in Hong Kong – accommodation and all. They brought us out for dinner and on the way, they were so amazed with the POLICE Uniform! 😛hk pics 533 Here, at the Countdown, I was put up to doing the Solo because the Original Ashley was away somewhere somehow. So yeah, I had to do it.hk pics 535 hk pics 538 We did this in the Conference, but not many pictures. We did the same at the Countdown. We were introducing the Malaysia’s stuffs to the world. KL Tower, Twin Tower, Louie Vuitton, Nike and so on. It was funny! :)P1090145 P1090146 P1090147 P1090148 Penang Bridge:P1090149 So called, the “Eye of Malaysia”:P1090150 P1090151 P1090155 And here was the video of our performance. The recording was not an absolute good recorder. And I had ulsers (thanks to eating so much HongKong fried food) that time. So, bare with my unbearable voice! 😛 It’s not normally bearable anyways! 😛

Disneyland posts are coming up, and say Goodbye to Hong Kong okay? 😛


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    Some people cannot see the wood for the trees.............................................................

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