Hong Kong (Part 5)

Bear with me, I am finishing the Hong Kong posts already. Are you guys bored of it already? Here, we went to the town for some shopping and some walk around. It’s just nice to walk in a chilly cooling weather. I don’t mind walking on the busy street.hk pics 510 Somehow, their toilet caught our attentions with their unique decorationshk pics 513 hk pics 514Endless eating, endless laughters – it’s so delicious, most of their delicacies there! hk pics 523 I’ve to mention about this shop; it has really delicious hot sandwiches! 😛hk pics 524 Yes, my sleepy face eating Curry Fishballs 😛hk pics 525 hk pics 527 hk pics 528 hk pics 531 And at the conference, we had another session of workshops on HIV and AIDS. It was a fun and interactive workshop with loads of self learning and exploring. The facilitator (picture below) was some DIrector of that or something!P1060640 We were asked to act as different roles, and be spontaneous in what we should do when temptation comes. Prevention or Cure?P1060654  P1060666 P1060682 P1060697 P1060698 We had this for dinner; all I heard was this thing below costs HKD800 and we could not even finished it. And I didn’t exactly like it like really really much. It’s called Phoon Choy! It somehow does look cool doesnt it? 😛P1060709 P1060712 I’ll try to squeeze and finish off my Hong Kong post the next round.


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    kianfai87 July 8, 2010

    your dinner for it was like . . . . hohoho eaten once in somewhere Malaysia -.-! taste ewww! =X

    maybe mixxed up too much seafoods!

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    Xjion89 July 8, 2010

    RM800? frm the pic, it didn't show tat kind of value ooo~~~


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