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Pangkor Trip (Part 2): Water-ish!

Here is the Part 2 of what happened in Pulau Pangkor during our retreat. The last post covers more on the Walls and the History; and now – how can Pulau Pangkor posts be without the beach right?

So, here is an afternoon at the beach. A very interesting afternoon indeed. (minus the sexy backs)

Some throwing of things and catching them. Frisbee I think.

Here was an interesting one. We actually decided to throw Su May into the water to get her all wet. So all of us (one on one leg, one on the hand, etc, etc)

Now, the pictures were in order. But I did not wanna flood my blog with too many photos. So, here is a fast forward. We took quite some time to catch her though.
Here we go, see the act? 😛
Finally, legs, hands all being held out; while she screams and yell! 😛

Yes, we were mean! 😛

I was not skating or anything like that; I was just caught candid running away from the waves. Looks like I was skating right?

I think this was a fail jumpshot. Okay, bye bye Pulau Pangkor! It was one of the memorable trips I had. Lovin’ it.

Pangkor Trip (Part 1)

I owed my blog a long awaited post on my (many months) ago Pangkor Trip. Yeah, I went to Pangkor with a bunch of fun people. We reached Lumut and took a ferry over to Pangkor.

Pictures tells you the words okay? 😛



Sepet wannabees…

Sorry for the many poser shots; as well as Sepet wannabe =P

Stay tune for Part 2 tomorrow; all water-y posts!

The Karate Kid Review (2010)

I managed to catch some time out of my busy schedule to watch “The Karate Kid”. I know I am a little late; and I rarely do Movie Reviews anyways. I promise you no spoilers.

This (2010) is the remake version of the same show in 1984. Apparently, my dad said that the story line is 80% the same; but I ain’t sure. I didn’t watch the old one.

The story line of the movie revolves around twelve-year-old Dre Parker played by Smith, who is forced to relocate to Beijing with his single mother (Taraji P. Henson). He is rescued from the school bullies by Mr. Han (Jackie Chan), with aid of martial arts. Dre is finally tutored by Han, making him an expert in martial arts, including kung fu.

It was a little too draggy or too long; I’d say but it has many things one could learn from this simple movie. It was a little humourous too at certain parts especially with some of the sarcasm shown by Dre.

Nevertheless, I still think it’s a movie worth watching. It would receive a rating of maybe 8.5/10?

Here is the Trailer (I am still unsure if this is the official trailer; I am too tired)

The Nick-ko Birthday!

Just a while (months) ago; we went to celebrate Nicholas Khaw’s Birthday at Quan’s Ice Cream and Coffee House.

Since connection is bad; and I managed to upload only the below pictures, please appreciate and comment okie? 😛

The Birthday Boy

The unique cake thanks to … 😛

The gang! 😛

We gave him a drum sticks bag for his 19th Birthday. He now calls it his ‘beloved’

Amazing Scenery pictures & Greetings from PD

I am at this place called Port Dickson.

View below for more updates. I am updating from the camp site!

Who wanna join me? 😛

I am Away Again.

By the time you read this, I am already at Le Paris Resorts and Hotel in Port Dickson for my church’s youth camp. With over 90 over campers at Port Dickson, is set to be a fantastic camp ahead! Do check back my blog for more updates as I would hope to broadcast live from Port Dickson.

Some pictures below to make you envious! =P I am always bad 😛

See y’all folks in KL soon okie? :) I’ll be back on Thursday.

Oh, Where Am I Going?

Guess where I would be heading to tomorrow:

I’ve scheduled the post to tell you the answer! 😛

Aren’t They Cute?

I was just pondering on whats there to update on my blog – something short, simple and eye-catching. Yes, I have many (super many) pending posts since I stopped blogging for few months. I will do so when my mood catches on me.

So, I decided to write on something “more about me”; just in case my About Me on top of the blog did not catch your attention. I have a confession to make – I like kids; or perhaps how many aunties at church would say, i somehow have fate with kids.

Most of them are just so glued to me and it’s really cool. If you check on my Facebook, you’d see many pictures of the tagline “Father in the Making”. I guess the heart of kids has come about since my sister came into this world just about 11 years ago.

Just let me sum the whole posts below with some experiences with some kids.

Aren’t they just cuteeeeeeeeeee?

Malaysia’s Largest Youth Festival

Being a youth myself, (yes, unbelievable right? :P) I went to Malaysia’s Largest Youth Festival ignited by Celcom. It was held on the 28th-30th May 2010 at Putra World Trade Center.

What is YOUTH’10 all about?
Basically YOUTH’10 is a gathering of youths all over the country to have fun – to see, to join, to hear, to do, to buy, to play and more. I am grateful and thankful that I managed to get the RM 20 worth ticket from for the 3 days. But I only went on Sunday after Church with Jiahuei, Nicholas Pang, Lilian Lim.

My Twitter Feeds on #youth10 went on the TV

*ignore the hairy hand =p*
Walking through the Hall of Fame for free photography.
…Mammmeee Crazeeeee…

Lilian and Jiahuei signing up for a Contest

it was on the magnificent large screen too…

*this was an accidental shot; the guy didn’t know how to handle my camera, and he ended up taking a picture of his own shirt*

*i heart my shirt*
As usual, Starbucks craze…

It was a fun outing, I learned a lot from this Festival. Lots of trendy and cool stuffs. I can’t compare with the previous years because I have not been to one. I missed out on some talks too. Let’s hope I get to go next year! 😀

On the lighter note, I won myself an Urbanscapes ticket. Can you read what I wrote about? Let me just rephrase it for you…
“Alvin Kok thinks he might sit at the corner, sulk and cry if he doesn’t get the Urbanscapes tickets; and that would make KL flooded once again”

Are you going too?