Hong Kong (Part 2)

Here comes the interesting Part 2. After a good break, we head to the huge conference hall. We were more or less still very energetic; first day mah! And we all had a good rest the night before. The smiles on the faces just says it all.P1060481 Being a Asian event; each country were requested to do their performance representing their country. And here was the launching band from one of Hong Kong’s high school. Being from an All-Boys School, I had the privilege of seeing girls playing in a band (again!). I usually only get to see it when I am in the Band Competition! Yeah, aku jakun!hk pics 350I don’t know when and how was it, but she just fell asleep inside the bus. And here’s the pretty picture I WAS TALKING ABOUT, Jiahuei! hk pics 354We spotted Jusco in Hong Kong the next day on our way to the conference. Oh, did I mention that the location we stay is at least 30 mins drive or more to the Conference Hall? It’s so far, and we had to wake up like.. really early. hk pics 361We had workshops in the afternoon during the conference. I attended this workshop on “Tactics to Busyness” and it actually talks much about Time Management; and how Not-To-Be-Busy. I actually think that the workshop name should not be called “Tactics to Busyness”, it’s weird (and ironic, somehow!)hk pics 365Being the Starbucks fan, I’ve been always visiting Starbucks in other country for the fun of it. I visited Starbucks in Australia, and now in Hong Kong. It was just minutes walk from our Conference Hall. And I found this Salad (which of course, Malaysia doesnt have it!) hk pics 366We just had to take individual pictures with Starbucks! :) hk pics 368 hk pics 369This is what I call addiction; just look at her face! I guess she had lack of sleep though! And all she needs during this winter season was Coffee! hk pics 372But guess what, I decided not to drink in Hong Kong when all of them actually drank. I behaved  myself didn’t feel like drinking! hk pics 373I can’t exactly remember where this picture was taken from, but I had a feeling was from The Peak. hk pics 388 hk pics 396Another performance by another country. I actually don’t remember which country is which; except Malaysia and Singapore. That post should be coming next or the one after! hk pics 444I guess this was Japan; demonstrating some Taekwondo.  hk pics 447 hk pics 448The smiles at the conference. These smiles will always be a part of my heart! :) P1060480 I am missing Hong Kong already!

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