Singapore (Part 1)

I know I am crazily lazy the past 6 months; when I took a break the past 6-8months from blogging. I just realised this fact when I was browsing through my albums and realised I have not blogged about certain trips or events that happened like many many months ago. Enough of my lazy crap.

I was at Singapore like (many) months ago to attend a concert by a church. And yet, we went there like 2-3 days earlier to enjoy ourselves there. So, here goes the pictures!

Arrival at Harbour Front via Aeroline Bus.

Food Republic at Singapore

I was forced to do this pose!

This is just Part 1. Will try to finish off Part 2 by tomorrow and then I’ll prolly blogged about Hong Kong. Yes, you read it correctly – HONG KONG posts. Heavy pictures post!


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    建月 June 21, 2010


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    Ken June 21, 2010

    Food republic has so much varieties of food! The price is slightly expensive.

    Gosh… My Sg photos are still piling up. No time to edit.

    Looking forward to ur photos!

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    alvinkok June 21, 2010

    Yeah, cool. Will be uploading soon!

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    kenwooi June 22, 2010

    the last time i went to SG was back in 2008.. haha.. too far away =P

  5. Reply
    alvinkok June 22, 2010

    2008? that was like ages bro! haha. going anytime soon again? :)

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