Greetings from Brisbane, Australia now!

Trying so hard to put myself back into pieces ain’t easy. I have been giving so much thought about it the past few days and it’s probably killing me whole trip and my entire emotions. But what more can I do? Expect myself to apologise? Expect the other party to do something? I don’t know.

Keeping peace with me the past few nights through prayer. Knowing deep within me isn’t fine but I can’t seem to find a solution. I did wish I can sit down and talk or at least talk. But I am so freaking far away. SMSes? Hmm.. 5 more days to home. Some part of me is already waiting to return. I don’t know why. Reaching at KL blardy early at 4am and need to probably wait till 7am to get home is annoying. There are no buses till 530. Hmmm..

I’ve been walking endlessly and some walk made me learn things. Some aimless boring walk kept me thinking even more.

Nonetheless, it’s 5 days more to home. 6 days more to . . . . I thank God my nose is feeling a little better. I don’t know how to describe. Ask me personally and I might tell you.

I really thank God for the SMSes and the MSN Messages you guys have left me. I did not reply any SMS but I did occasionally replied some of the offline messages. I apologise for my ignorance as I am not too in the mood and my online time is quite limited. I am actually typing this at 12am here. Going to 1am.

I am waiting. I am thinking. I am hoping. I’m all out of almost everything already =(.

I thank God for this solitude in Brisbane – without dad and having some time alone. Maybe God knows I really need this. Badly. I always wonder why wrong things must happen at the wrong time. I really do.

Goodnight people! (to those I never bothered SMSing back!)

Trying to upload pictures but it is giving me hell of a time. Argh!

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