Really random

Read this. I am in a very random mood now. You may understand what I am to write or maybe not but read on. Some may really make you laugh. And before you go on reading, I want to tell everyone that I am a superly good good boy okay? Nothing naughty. It’s just for laughs. But do comment on what you are going to see.

1. Firstly, I think my motives for working now is ultimately wrong. I don’t enjoy the process but I enjoy getting the pay. Well, the pay in Starbucks Malaysia is not superly or very high, perhaps, not high at all. So at times, lately, I am getting a little bit lazy. Don’t blame me for that. The rest of them there are worst except for a few. They take time off to chill, smoke, lepak and all the things you can think of. But some of them are really nice!

2. You won’t believe this. People that comes to Starbucks in Times Square are a little bit crazy. People that comes – customers. I’ve picked up this card thingy while I was clearing some tables.

Can you see clearly what its written? Let me enlighten you:
‘Sir, you want any nice young lady, I can recommend for you young and beautiful girl’

As for the Chinese word, I can only see:
DATE, FULSEX, 1.00pm – 6.00am.

Anyone who needs things like that? I pass you the number? :P. The phrases are so grammatically wrong!

3. There was this random customer who came by and saw my Malay colleague working. And he daringly asked for her number but she refused. And what he did…

Waaa.. So daring right? Ask my colleague to call him!! He just wrote his number on the receipt. This is what you call freedom? Freedom of expressions of love? :P. I was like, are you kidding me?
All these funny little things in Starbucks makes your day at times. Doesn’t exactly makes your day but it gets you going.
4. I am feeling terribly guilty over things I’ve done over the past few weeks. I have been wondering and thinking if what I did was right. Argh. I am confused. I hate myself for always doing something and regretting over it. Not exactly regretting, but maybe it is something I shouldn’t at all be doing.

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