Thank you very much for the patience throughout the period I did not update my blog.

I did it on purpose to maintain the first post as the bag post (which I’ve officially removed it). The person involved only collected from me like a few days later. Grrr.. Slow right. Scold him for my lack of updates.

I am officially done with Foundations Programme in UCTI. I actually think I was foolish. I think about holidays when i was still having exams. I think about working when I am on holidays. I feel bad. My priorities are getting from bad to worst. Anyhows, I went in with zero-knowledge on my Research Paper. Zero-Knowledge.

Expecting case studies and common sense questions, all that came out was mere junk. All slides oriented. Lazk of application questions. It’s just What is research and all its stupidity. I can’t believe I have went through a 13 week of hell with the module – LEARNING NOTHING! Lecturer was boring, uninteresting and just slow. I can’t adapt to his inefficiency at all.

I did not realised I learned nothing until I sat for the exams. And man, it sucks. It’s like you wasted 13 weeks doing junk, crap and mere shitty tutorials. Come on, those of you who knows, agree with me!

On another brighter side, I got back my job from Starbucks. Something that I wanted to do but was hesitating initially because I wanted to get new exposure and new environment. But no one wants to employ a 3-week staff right. It’s too short. I tried applying. I did. But it’s all sad news.

So, I love Starbucks and I am back there. I won’t mind actually. It’s just I am in dire need of some cash currently. To support myself.

I have been random. Maybe because I am so in the holiday mood. Perhaps, don’t blame me. I am on holiday! For those who are currently stress and you need some entertainment and laughters, yeah: COME SEE ME! I won’t mind.

But well, I think I am the one who spends my time most wisely. To my own opinion lah. I am starting work the moment I finished my exams – this coming Monday. And the last day of work day, is the weekend. And I am flying off already. And when I am back, classes ALREADY started. Note: ALREADY! So, don’t you think it is wisely spent?

And yes, I am typing this while being are living in the dark for Earth Hour. Perhaps, I am too. Not exactly. I left one light on, my air cond and my pc. Usually not this way. Definitely. But I need people to know Earth Hour is a mere publicity stunt and it is so over rated. I just opened my windows, my neighbours were all joining too. Nothing much to comment. I support the true vision about it. But more than that, argh.. It is just misused.

I think I need to resettle my biological clock again. I slept at 3am last night and woke up at 630am. My biological clock is getting from bad to worst. I never sleep this last last time. I used to be a goodie boy. *Okay, I used the wrong terms. My ex-classmates will always say I am naughty-naughty* But, I sleep early aite? Despite how naughty I can be.

At my age, who isn’t and wasn’t naughty? Come on. Accept the fact that we all are. Just whether we want to show it or not. And I think I showed it and my classmates accepted and got brainwashed by my terrible, dirty, horny(Opps, kidding) side. Maybe I am the most notorious one in my class gua. I speak out loud. I talk in a way, fluently. So, what can stop me from brainwashing people’s mind?

Don’t bother annoying me to tell you more unless you come visit me in Starbucks for a cuppa coffee. I am amazing. I am doing reverse psychology. People used to say treat me coffee, but I am asking you to come get a coffee. And someone please make sure I don’t drink too much coffee. It’s not good at all. I puked before, drinking Starbucks last time. I mean I drank too much, I suppose.

I am trying so hard to have confidence in myself. I am getting more perasan too lately, i guess. Working too much with the youth ministry. What to do. But it’s fun. :)

Please comment on my tagbox and the post. It’s dying soooooon.. :(

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