The 10 Random Things

1. I realised everything has its own seasons. Let’s just take Facebook for an example. Lately. There is a quiz passing around and everyone is dying to do it. Some quiz topics like ‘How good you are at bed?’, ‘What age will you get married?’, ‘What type of person are you?’ and so on and so forth. My newsfeed is filled with such comments and their results. Not that I don’t care but urghhh, to me its like… ‘Not again?!?’Previously, it used to be this picture tagging thingy where people tag each other and go on and on.This taught me that people changes. Mood changes. Seasons changes. People follows the latest trend of all days just to be in the peer, in the group. Many at times, I think that I am not but indirectly, I actually have just got myself into it. Like the quiz above, I ‘thought’ it was fun, so I tried one because I saw friends doing it but hey, I actually think the quiz is so wordy that I don’t want to read it?

2. I wanted to snap a picture or screenshot of the lecture notes that I have to go through before Monday. Honestly, I have gone through NONE. Not a single piece. It’s lying dormant on my table. Maybe dormant is not the suitable word. but I just feel like using that word. I am reluctant to get my external out to just screenshot some stupid lecture notes here. Finals is next week and I don’t seem to give a much big damn about how well I do. I am worst than a sloth currently.

3. As per Ben’s blog, I visited Sabrina yesterday in Gleneagles. Gosh. She has that energy even after the surgery.But well, she is tough. And mum just told me I am not going for that same surgery. Reason being:
– My mum found out it doesnt give a long term remedy. Just 2 years and the thingy will come back
– Surgery and those fainting-medicine haha. Is no good for me as it causes losing of memory.
So, I wont go as for now.

4. I don’t know what is happening to the gadgets(handphones, desktop and laptop) I am using.
My handphone’s keypad is not functioning very well. It hell sucks when you try to sms. I mean seriously. It’s so hard to even ‘tekan’. And worst still, the few unfunctioning-very-well buttons are the 3DEF, 6MNO and *. Can you imagine?

And my laptop, gosh. It’s freakingly slow. And not only that, my sound driver used to has a *tuuuuuuuuuuuut* sound when playing songs as some background addition =P. But now, the *tuuuuuuuuuuuut* has disappeared and came another problem, lagging problems. The songs or dvd that I play, it goes like.. ‘Oh-Wh-y-do-er-es-it-er-hap-er-pens?’. It’s just annoying. If you didnt get what I was trying to express.

And just 2 weeks ago. My desktop, flat screen monitor KO-ed. And now I am struggling with a super old CRT Monitor which is already killing my eyes. Having some headache since the day I am using this. I am not sure if it is some mental thingy but I know the headache is killing me.

Anyone willing to sponsor any of the above items for me? xD

5. I am waiting to fly. Honestly, I am. I know I will miss the people back here for the 2 1/2 weeks but I just want to have some fun. It’s been few years since I went to Aussie. Nah, people who are important to me reading this: I WILL call back. =P My phone has so damn much credit. RM8XX on Maxis and RM1XX on Digi?

6. I am starting to feel a lil worried. I don’t know whether I have chosen the right course for my Degree. It’s starting to be frightening as time comes. Any ideas on what Media Informatics is all about? Anyone?

7. I am enjoying not going to APIIT. Really.

8. I am trying very hard to look at things and life positively. As hard as I could. Ain’t easy but I am trying. :)

9. I have added the 2 little creature on my side bar of the blog. Please feed them by clicking on it. The fishes and the hamster. It will grow I hope. Soon enough.

10. I am actually wasting my time blogging this because I am waiting for Ong Ben Leon for dinner. So whoever thinks this post is meaningless, please blame him XD

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