As jumbled and messed up it is, that is exactly how my mind is. Nothing emotional. But just thoughts in and out of my mind. Assignments are not driving me crazy YET. Well, I just finished IT Applications Assignment this afternoon, Communication Skills class test this morning, Moral Studies assignment half way through. It wasn’t as bad. I am so-not-gonna-bother complaining about APIIT anymore. It’s frustrating. My 8 assignments for this semester which was supposedly given to us since week 1 has all been pushed back to the last 5 weeks. I think I have 5 weeks to go before this Semester ends. I’ve not passed up any assignments yet. Sighs

Friday will be the first 2 assignments: Moral Studies and IT Applications. But it was frustrating and perhaps, annoying when you have completed your whole report, templates, accounts, brochure and all; and your lecturer suddenly announces that the maximum pages for the full report is 30pages. Just 2 days before the hand in date. I perfectly finished it this afternoon, and I had 39 pages. Tidied up my work and when I heard that, I got kinda unhappy. How can you let me know this late?

Argh. Nevertheless I did it all over again. Like I said, lecturers are always right, isn’t it? Whats the point of arguing. I have so many more assignments in hand.

I don’t really feel stressed up because I think this is nothing compared to my Secondary School. Everyone is complaining but I think the workload is just okay. Not too bad. It’s just that our dear friend, Mr Procrastinate always influences us to sleep and so on. Our assignment is not that many after all.

It isn’t all a good week. Have been bothered by someone and bombarded with nonsense. Irritated; when you are so busy. And yet this person is complaining and all.

I can’t wait for my Semester Break next week where I am going to Pangkor. I need a break. I need to go far away although I still need to read my Business and so on.

I officially hate attending Introduction to Business classes. It is so freaking boring. Actually, the class was named wrongly. It should be called ‘Dictation Class’.

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