What Ifs

I should stop contemplating about what is happening and what is going to happen. It’s killing me for real. Whether you get it or not, you have my support. I am so worried myself about what will happen. I should just stop. Maybe I should just let loose myself once in a while between us and not holding on so tightly. Perhaps I wont suffer this way. Maybe I should understand more.

But all in all, I just hate ignorance. Nothing else. I don’t hate the person but I hate what has happened-IGNORANCE. Yes I may be immature. Yes I may be childish for not accepting changes but I am who I am, I suppose you have to accept me for who I am (if you really love me like you said) and you in return don’t get upset. All I ask for is to put in some initiative, love and effort to this. Nothing more. I am just so annoyed. Over and over again it happened and over and over again you apologise and I accepted it out of love and pain. I should just stay cool and calm . I should just stop contemplating.

Maybe I should be love-blinded so I won’t get so emotional over all these little stuffs?

Being emo over it is annoying too. It is frustrating to get upset towards you because it hurts. It really does. Free me from my thoughts, someone?

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