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1. What is the most important thing in your life?
i’d say my friends.
2. Will you consider a sexual relationship before marriage?
I won’t bother considering.
3. Do you smoke?
I do. Second hand smoke? I hate smokers a looot…
4. What is the latest gadget that you own?
Apart from my computer and handphone, nothing else.
5. Who did you mostly text yesterday?
You know. I know. Enough-lah
6. How old are you and are you a virgin?
18. Yeah. I am. Happy?
7. What is the last thing that you bought with your own money?
8. Chocolate, oreos or vanilla?
Chocolates, i’d prefer.
9. Where do you wish to get married?
In a church,located around an island. Under the sunny beach
10. How old do you think you will be permanently owned by your love?
Permanently? I’ve got no idea!
11. How many kids do you want?
A minimum of 2, a maximum of 3. But I really do love children.. :)
12. Are you in love?
You know. I know
13. Where was the last restaurant you had dinner?
Ah Po Chicken Rice next to church?
14. Name the latest book that you bought?
Please note that Alvink doesnt buy any books to read.
15. What is your full name?
Kok Eu-Leong
16. Do you prefer your mother or father?
Depends. When it comes to love and care, mother more. Financially, father! 😛
17. Do u believe in GOD?
Yes, He has been proving himself faithful to me. :)
18. Name a person that you really wish to meet in real life for the first time?
No one in specific. Seriously.
19. Christina or Britney?
20. Do you do your laundry?
No. Never. haha
21. The most exciting place you want to go?
Hawaii.. hehehe
22. Hugs or kisses?
I need a lot of HUGS at this point of stressful time
23. Single or Attached?
24. point out 5 things that made the person tagged you associated with you.
We start talking a lot, crapping online. And soon got closer and closer. Somehow, things is how it is right now? Thats all I can say? And I am happy to this point of time with him. Seriously.. :)
I tag..
Max, you wanna do again? Muahaha

disastrous day

When everything just goes wrong the whole damned day.
You just feel sick and when you want to get into your bed and jst sleep your way through but yet you can’t. Don’t you feel annoyed and pissed? That is exactly how Alvin Kok is feeling for this whole shitty day.
I was just sms telling BL to slap me upside down and he asked me how. I have got no idea. But something could surely be better than this, isn’t it?
Firstly, 2 Assignments due on the same day-today! OSE and Stupid MATHS; which got the whole class pretty annoyed.
Secondly, the stress is getting me crazy about camp dealing with people and my mind is thinking non-stop
Thirdly, I am suddenly broke today.
Forthly, my stupid PDSM lecturer scolded my gang upside down in front of the class.
And the worst thing here was she mentioned everyone’s weakness. When it comes to me, she said, ‘You have a bad attitude and you are loud. I have been keeping it to myself because I see you smart’. How insulting and hurtful can that be? Oh come on, when we shut the hell up, you say we are quiet, when we speak our minds off, we are loud? So what on earth do you think you want from us? Tell me about it. Bad attitude? I’ve been the only few that does her work and listens to her and hands up my work on time. Are you somewhat blind somewhere? Stop making some unnecessary judgement for the sake of releasing your stupid stress on me. How dumb can lecturers be at times? Think people think! And the rest too innocently got her scoldings and accusations which definitly makes us hates her-although we have never hated her.
Fifthly, When I was back, my dad was still sick. Which means more pressure and stress.
Sixth, when I’ve reached home. I just wanted to cool down and get a nap. In less than 15 minutes of my sleep, my sister woke me up for dinner.
How bad can my day ever be? I wonder. I thanked God that I was sms-ing BL mostly the whole of my day. But at the end, I told him I want to be alone. I guess he’ll surely message me tonight and put the smile on my face. But what on earth a day I’ve had. And today the outing day, we went bowling. Nothing much special.
I thank God tht the Lord has been speaking a lot to me lately on reaching for Him and surrendering myself and the ROCK Campers into His hands. He has shown me the need and necessities of surrendering it all to Him. He showed me some clear visions that He would be with me through my weakness and through my tiredness. He has been speaking to me with the song ‘Reaching For You’ by Hillsong. It just tells me that I should never give up and to keep reaching for Him and to stand before Him. I see that I am doing something that will bless His people. All of my days indeed belongs to Him. This is the first event where I really intercede before Him and telling Him how much I want it to be great and awesome. I am sure He will not fail me. He will still do micracles even if the numbers are few. He is great! =)
People, I am still in confused, annoyed, depress, emo, unhappy mode.
I’ll be fine after some time.
God has His purpose and plans for us. :)

do you even notice?

I doubt you know how I truly feel inside. Deep down inside.
You say you love, do you really mean it? *Alvin wonders*
The LORD’s strength has been sustaining me through the past 2 weeks.
It has really be rough doing so many things but the LORD has been gracious and merciful.
God is the Strength of My Heart =)

look me in my eyes- changed or changing?

Do you just notice if I have changed? Or am I in the process of changing.
I am back into the story of him.
I have never imagined myself being so cold towards him. Never once gave it a though that I could live without his care and his love and his messages. It once hurt me so much but now, i feel numb. He has changed too. He has been trying to be the best bro he can ever be. But to me, I am so used to his ignorant and all that now I am just clueless. Sometimes I still do hate him so much for doing certain things to me. Sometimes I hate him for being so selfish. Sometimes I hate him for being demanding. I just hate so much I realized and it is going nowhere. I know I shouldn’t be this way when he is trying to ammend this broken relationship between us. But it seems empty on my side. As I am writing this, tears are flowing down. I am trying to give it a try by also being the best to him as I could be but it seems that it is not working. Honestly, I used to hold my phone so tightly to myself because I was waiting for their messages. But no longer now, as one is busy; and the other- even if he messages, i have put it aside. But he is still my bro yesterday and today and he is still dearly in my heart :)
I have no regrets knowing him and spending so much time with him. Never will I wanna leave him because I still do care. I am just fixing this whole piece of puzzle in my life.
I have had a rough week. Honestly, It can’t be any better. I miss a number of people in my life. I’ve come to realize that the tighter I hold on to things, the more God wants to take it away from me. The more I take things lightly and surrender it to Him, the more I have it.
This week has been so rough that I hardly even have time for myself. I feel such a burden doing certain things that I hate doing. Why is it so rough? You may asked- it’s something only I’ll know.

Oh ya! This was HIS(BL) birthday present.. :) -was too lazy before this..

when college life needs some break too..

Some Extra Shots from Tun Ching’s Camera

Outing : Form 6?

Wednesday- our usual outing day.
But this time was to also celebrate Adrian’s 18th Birthday.
We all collectively (Adrian alone I guess) decided to go to Sunway Pyramid.
So all of us went in 3 different cars.
Being guys, we have a tough time deciding where to eat. We were torn into so many choices. Dodol wanted McD so that he could join the Big Mac Chant while Edmund wanted McD. When we lastly entered McD, Mr KP syas that we shouldnt go Sunway for McD. So he suggested us to BBQ Plaza.
And we end up in this BBQ and Steamboat kinda restaurant. In such a cooling environment eating Steamboat and BBQ just rocks! I mean where can you get such good food in such great environment right? The food there wasn’t too and it wasn’t too pricey.
We had to sit in 2 seperate tables to enjoy great discounts. So, we did. As usual, my table had Adrian, Edmund and Tun Ching while the other table had Lennard, Dodol, KP and Weng Yew.
To keep things short, don’t let guys do much minor decision making like what to eat. It will turn out miserable.

Me & Edmund trying out something tht was so new :)
Birthday boy and his I also dunno what 😛
All of us with Adrian’s 4 slices of Secret Recipe cake writing, ‘Happy’ ‘Birthday’ ‘to’ ‘Adrian’

And gosh, I was shocked to receive a letter of offer to join Form Six. The letter writes,’ Tawaran ke Tingkatan Enam Bawah 2008′. And the school I was offered was St John’s Institution, KL and the best thing is I was again offered Science Stream. Well, I am still gonna stay in APIIT and not leave that place of mine with good friends. :) All in all, GoodBye Form 6 :)

This is it! The moment I saw Pn Norbani‘s name mentioned in Bryan’s blog. I paused and read. I didn’t know what was so captivating about her name that I just paused and got my eyes glued into the computer reading Bryan’s blog. And well, She is leaving St John’s. I felt so heavy to see her go and leave us. She was strict and fierce but it was her that made me strive so hard to succeed for my Mathematics. I jst feel like I’d miss her like soooo much now. I am being bad for probably not appreciating her enough when she was teaching me. I remembered she as the Add Maths head in the school called me early in the morning and was shocked I dropped Additional Mathematics during SPM. I even got lecture from her after getting my results for not taking Additional Mathematics. Now I feel that maybe I could’ve done more? Yes, everyone is making it a big fuss because she is transfering to our rival school VI but I don’t really treat it as something big. Well, we know her.. She goes for the cash and fame! But well, she is good. I remembered how I used to copy my friend’s Maths work and yet she still manages to find out. That is so amazing isn’t it? I hope and wished I can go back to school this Friday to see her leave. I’d never ever forget her as she was one of my best and most hardowrking teacher to ensure my success in not only my SPM but for my future. Pn Norbani: I’d miss you. :(

As for me, I have been suffering from flu thanks to Dodol and Chern-I. Having a hard time breathing and with constant chest pain.

I hope this post keeps my blog alive for today? :)

Hillsong United. Blog up again

I admit, it’s costly.. IT IS! :)

My blog is officially up and updated again. I will hope to constantly update it when I am free.

Hope the new layout attracts you? :)


I have decided to update my blog since I now study in an IT College and I noticed there are homosapiens reading my blog which I do find it amusing.

I have never said that life was easy in my blog, have I? I must say that life is tough and complicated. Yes, the usual old, slow and negative me. But well, it may be tough but it is not the end because things always ends up the brigther side for me since I entered college. Obviously, I am happy like I mentioned in my previous posts. I also want to add that someone finally REALIZE and made me happy. I know some of you hate the song REALIZE by now. But this guy is finally aware of how much he has been hurting me and now trying his best to ammend this broken heart.

Enough of those story telling.

Sometimes I wonder if I look at things the brighter side, whether it would eventually turned out to be the positive side. I am mentioning jst some things here and it doesn’t apply to everything. My COLLEGE MATES: Don’t tell me that we will hand in OSE on the 14th instead of the 9th. Why wait and get yourself so miserable when she said it is 9th and 14th was just a rumour? RIGHT?

I am sure Mr Tomoro will deny the fact that I am saying that.

I mean when we look at things the brighter side, don’t you think we would end up happier? I used to think that i should always prepare for the worst and just do what I do best– DONT’T CARE! But I am noticing that the more I do that, the worst of the worst happens. And it would definitly goes crazy.

I am talking about faith here. Having faith in something that I think it is possible. However, faith without actions brings you no where too. Well, at least I have learnt my lessons to do and think things the positive way, would you do the same?

With this, I would also like to suggest to those working and studying people to take leave or skip college to attend ROCK CAMP 2008 from 1st-4th June.

You know I do hope to see you there, don’t you?

Be there or be square! :)