Caffeinees Cafe, Kampung Pandan / Jia Huei’s Farewell.

I won’t want to run away from the fact that time flies. Or probably, time flew. It was just a year ago where we started making fun of Jia Huei, that she will be leaving and how she will miss us and the things we would do without her. And true enough, in a blink, she is now gone, and I think she totally forgot about us already. Jia Huei, what more can I say. The fact that I dedicated 1 post for her here, shows how important she is in my (our) life. Yes, I slave-drived her when she was in town, but I’ve to say she did it all, with no hesitant. And I’ve to say lah, she is the best secretary ever. If she doesn’t get a job when she gets back, I can stand to testify she is the best secretary ever. Cut the junk, we did a farewell for her. And I thought we had so much time camwhoring and just make fun of her. And also, she is always remembered for her hair. Thats for sure.301006_10150288461063152_573143151_7694481_2123725371_n Our siao girls. I think they can get into some big things if you mess with them. Don’t try.301014_10150288441283152_573143151_7694337_1996046451_n I thought this was quite a beautiful picture apart from my messed up long hair.307358_10150288455433152_573143151_7694432_1192188178_n A picture that prolly means a lot by now. And can I just say something, the reason she is underdressed is because she didn’t know we were gonna do her a farewell. Bwahahaa. And hence, the shorts.310925_10150288461333152_573143151_7694484_596685454_n If this made you puke, you’re human. The feminine side of me.313282_10150288442023152_573143151_7694343_390003527_n See, I told you they can be up to something. Like, being the grasses for the flowers. Oh, I think these girls aim to head to Tanjung Rambutan one of these days. I am gonna be murdered this weekend.314304_10150288441498152_573143151_7694339_395340972_n Talking about the food, food pictures came from my phone. Not too sure why it was a lil blurry. Prolly I was having too much fun. Here’s the Mushroom Soup, quite the thick.IMG_0724 IMG_0725 Eh, this mango yogurt thingy quite the best. I can drink it all over again without feeling jelak.IMG_0727 One of their drinks. I thought this was Milo, but nah, it’s some choco drink.IMG_0728 Pasta – Seafood Aglio Olio. I thought the picture didn’t look too good, but apparently, it didn’t taste too bad.IMG_0729 Fish and Chips. Nothing extraordinary I thought.IMG_0730 Carbonara! I tell you, I’ve been thinking about Carbonara the past say.. 3 days? And I’ve not had it yet. Quite depressing I know.IMG_0731 I had this. I thought the serving was toooooooo small. Can you see the “oooo”? But it wasn’t too bad actually.IMG_0732 I heard this was really really good. Can’t remember the name of the sauce. It starts with a “M” if I’m not mistaken.IMG_0733 I heard this was not too bad, BUT the Salmon had bones. I can tell you, the moment I heard that, it was quite a turn-off. I am lazy like that.IMG_0734 Desserts.. I’ve to say the serving looks really good. Looks quite appetizing too lah. :) And this didn’t taste too bad actually.IMG_0735 This was the Tiramisu thingy. Loved how it was served. Quite the romantic la, if you think about it. And I am thinking of the drama side of it, like put a ring in it.. Bla Bla Bla.. I am not such a hopeless romantic after all, eh?IMG_0736 So, I’ve to say it was quite a fun time. And yes, this is an overdue post. But because of Jia Huei, I thought I’d flatter her for a few minutes la. Why not kan? Since she bought me Teasers when she was there, and SHE WILL CONTINUE TO BUY THEM FOR ME. All in all, her laughter, her presence and her hair.. WILL BE MISSED. ___________________________________________________________________________ Caffeinees Cafe Address: No.16, Jalan Kampung Pandan, 55100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Telephone: 03-392846686 Opening Hours: Mon – Thu: 9:30 am-3:00 am Fri – Sat: 9:30 am-4:00 am Sun: 9:30 am-3:00 am

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