Magical Musicals – A West End Production, Amphitheatre @ Sunway Lagoon.

So, I have been procrastinating much. I have been doing things I should not be doing, ranting about things I should not be ranting. But here is definitely something short I wanna share. Being a fan of musicals and plays, I’ actually thought this was one amazing musical I’ve watched. I’ve watched many, many musicals previously. One of the most memorable Musical that I have watched was Sound of Music. I can remember almost everything and anything! But, this is 1 musical to watch if you have not watched. This musical stood up to me because I really thought that the vocals, arrangements and dance were amazing. magical-musicals-500x667 I thought the vocals was superb. The voices, the harmonies, the medleys – beyond words. I was tempted to dance along. No joke. But the attendance was slightly disappointing. But I was tapping my feet all the way, singing to those amazing tunes.

Sorry, the recording quality wasn’t too good. But yeah, it’s still something worth listening to.

I mean, you hardly get to go watch such things in Malaysia. Before I forget, I actually got the tickets all thanks to Tourism Selangor. They are one awesome bunch. In short, I don’t want to say too much. You have probably the next few days to catch it. But if you have some good musicals to share and recommend, yes, you sure must tell me about it!

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    Stephen Weller July 21, 2011

    Hi Alvin. Thanks so much for your great blog post and comments – really pleased you enjoyed the show!!

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