MTV Worldstage Passes Winner

So, I think I’ve teased enough. Most of you are probably ready with their knives and parang ready to stab and slash me. So, yes, I tweeted about it about 4-5 days back that I am giving away 1 pair of MTV Worldstage Passes. And the mechanics were to guess a number form 1-999 for every 1 RT of my Tweet. mtvIt was massive. Furthermore, I tweeted that this is just 1 of the giveaway that I am giving away. Cause I’ve loads of Starbucks and Papa John Vouchers with me, ready to be thrown out. To all my Twitter followers. Enough of ranting. I know you are hating all the crap. But… So, one of the days when this was going on… This tweet came in… ken guess 1 I actually thought it was a brilliant guess. And all cause he took the initiative to stalk me on Facebook. Yes, stalk. To find my birthdate. And even twitpic-ed me this: 344872023 It was between 726 or 267. I guess he was so brilliant that he went on with 267 and many many of the other followers decided to go 726, 267, and all the numbers around there. By the way, I am not lifeless. I don’t know why it says I have 0 friends. So yes, @kenintotrouble won the 2 MTV Worldstage Passes. I know many came in with close answers (or copied answers). I am trying to award the 3 closest with some vouchers. So, do stay tuned. Also, I ain’t sure if he’s giving this pair out. So you might wanna follow him and tweet him kao kao and spam him! Haha. And I heard I have another pair of MTV Worldstage Passes to give out. All cause my friend gave it to me. So, you know the drill. @alvinkok_2 is the shameless twitter handler you must follow and stalk.

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