Singapore 2010 (Last Post)

If you’ve been wondering where to go, what to do, how to waste some time in Singapore. Here are some brilliant ideas. Ideas regardless maybe price can be an issue. But good food in Singapore, good places to visit in Singapore or to be more specific, good seafood in Singapore. Here’s one pick!DSC03191 It’s really good food despite me not being a fan. I drool looking at such delicious food. It can be found in Singapore. I am not joking. It’s called MellBen Seafood, located at Ang Mo Kio. Book seats before going, it can be quite pack though. 😉DSC03194 I’ve to say that this is one of the non-seafood that I enjoyed the most. It’s a meat floss mushroom thing which is really appetizing. DSC03195 Bring you some crabs in Melben. It looks delicious, don’t they?DSC03196 DSC03197 Next up, what to do? I visited some friends and all. This baby is just cute, don’t you think so? I can put the picture all over my desktop soon! LOLDSC03199  DSC03204This is one of the reasons why I like or love Singapore. Their houses and condominiums are just gorgeous. I wouldn’t mind staying in such places. It’s luxury condos. And if you think there are a lot for sale, sorry. Not really. Well sold.DSC03208 As I was staying with some gang in Thomson Road. I had my share of “lonely breakfast” and how to cure such loneliness when everyone went out for meeting? i bought myself some breakkie! I’ve stil no idea why I’d buy nasi lemak there. It’s probably just.. Convenient?DSC03209 DSC03212 Orchard Central has the best shopping mall decorations too! I like this cute Octopus.DSC03216 Thinking how things are just not the same. Somtimes, life does hit on us, don’t they? Okay, I shall not rant so much!DSC03220  If you are at Singapore, Ben and Jerry is a much try! B&J is just awesome!DSC03224 When you decide to eat the Octopus eyes, here’s what happened: DSC03230  This was on the rooftop of Orchard Central. Pretty awesome location!DSC03243 DSC03247 Dinner place. Good abalones can be found here. Big ones too. At Victoria Peak, Singapore.You get really good abalones.DSC03248 Dinner menu. Looks really good, right? DSC03253 Size of the abalone:DSC03254 Some other snapshots:DSC03255 DSC03258 It’s holidays. Who wouldn’t go for supper right? So here we are: Mamak Shops in Singapore.DSC03262 Sweetcorn soup. Yes, in a mamak stall.DSC03263 DSC03264 I am amused with the names. Pretty cool!DSC03266  I ate this sinful thing at 1am. Yes, in the morning. DSC03273 With that innocent look on my face, I ate the whole banana split. Tell me what is fat again?DSC03274 DSC03275 A picture of scarecrow. Pretty good one. Handmade I guess!DSC03281 Ending this post with THE OIKOS – Taste and see that God is good!DSC03282Have an awesome Tuesday evening yo!

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