Video has been removed.           This is the video where it was claimed that Malaysia’s Top Opposition Politician was involved. It is not the full video uploaded by “thepowercam”. NewStraitsTimeOnline says this:

KUALA LUMPUR: A video clip, believed to be part of the controversial Datuk T sex video, has been uploaded to YouTube. The clip, which runs for one minute and 47 seconds, is said to show the start of the more than 20-minute video originally shown to media at Carcosa Seri Negara on March 21 2011.
The black-and-white video has no audio, and shows three people in what appears to be a hotel room. Two are male, and one female. The video was uploaded to YouTube today by a user called ‘thepowercam’. As at 5pm, it was the only video uploaded by the user, and has been viewed 311 times.

You be the judge on Who’s Who and What’s What. I made no comments and will not make any. How about YOU dropping some comments?

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