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Opps.. I Did It Again!

The title says it all. I just indulged myself in some of the world’s most fattening food this time round thanks to I LOVE DISCOUNTS. I am not exaggerating to say that I’ve had my chance to try not 1, but 12 different types of Cheese Tarts. I actually dislike Cheesy people, but I like Cheese. See the irony of the mentally ill Alvin Kok once again? Nevertheless, let’s get away from all my random crap that bores you to death. I LOVE DISCOUNTS gave me another chance to grow a few inches fatter and making my dream come through – of being an explosive (fat) balloon with Opps Cheese Tarts at Pavilion today. Opps Cheese Tarts is Malaysia’s 1st Cheese Tart Stall. The first thing that came into my mind when I heard that “Opps” was this:

Yeah, the song gets stuck into anyone’s head in just a second. Anyways, my point is this: Opps is a Cheese Tart Stall located at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur (168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 55100, Kuala Lumpur) – near Beard Papa at the Ground Floor (near to Food Republic). It’s not any big fancy stalls but the Opps certainly caught my attention.IMG_0224 You see an array of Cheese Tarts that does not look like Cheese Tarts displayed at the fridge in a very nice, orderly and attractive manner.IMG_0225 At the moment, there are 12 different flavours of Cheese Tarts at Opps. And because it just opened, you get to Buy 10 Free 2 currently (But chup, read on more below for surprises!)IMG_0226With the courtesy of Opps and I LOVE DISCOUNTS, I was given a box here of 12 and because I am a balloon, I got a bite of ever piece. LOL!IMG_0228 I was quite fascinated with the different flavours I was given and the way it was placed in a nice box. Suitable as gifts for Cheese-y friends. Okay, I meant Cheese-lovers’ friends that you have.IMG_0229IMG_0230 So, here’s my 2 cents worth (I hope it worth more!) of opinion on the different flavours given to me. You can choose to abide with my preference, but you are always free to give all of it a try! Almond Cheese Tarts –

Cheese Tarts My 2 Cents
Almond Pretty ordinary. But being a nut fanatic, the almond makes it very nutty, crunchy and tasty. The nuts did not cover the smell of the cheese too!
Black Charcoal The word charcoal tells you most of it already. It tastes weird. I don’t eat charcoal okay? But the cheese taste is still there. I thought that was pretty creative though!
Strawberry If you are a Strawberry lover, this is worth a try. The mixture of strawberry and cheese is about just right. It could be slightly sweeter though.
Pumpkin I like the pumpkin seeds on top. Without a doubt, the pumpkin seeds are the one that gives the cheese tart a variety.
Marble If you are a fan of Marble Cake, you would love this. It is something like Marble Cake, but it’s different because of the cheese. Somehow or rather, it tastes a little like Chocolate! 😛
Lemon This is the ordinary Lemon Cheese Tarts you can get out there, but the difference is this has some tiny lemon pieces on it which it’s chewy.
Greentea Okay, I personally thought this one was the most awful one among all. I did not like the thick taste of Greentea. But I know I am always hated for hating Greentea. Prove me wrong? Go try this! It still smells alien to me somehow! 😛
Coffee Coffee lovers, this is worth a try. The coffee taste was not too strong. So, if you dislike strong taste of coffee, this would make it a good dessert.
Chocolate This was slightly too sweet for me. But if you are a big fan of bitter chocolate, this is not for you. Cause it’s not at all bitter!
Raisins I have to say this one was nice. I shared the tarts with a few and all of us agreed the raisins makes it taste good. Something to chew on while enjoying the taste of the cheese.
Blueberry It’s rare we get to eat blueberry. This was pretty unique and creamy with the blueberries on top.This wasn’t too sweet but I like sucking those blueberry juices out in my mouth! 😛
Black Sesame This was also one of the best. Ain’t too sweet and it had a pretty good mixture of black sesame with cheese. This is a must try!

Despite it all, the cheese texture was pretty smooth. Though I personally think that it should be slightly sweeter. If it was sweeter, it would make a perfecto dessert. But if you are not a fan of sweet sweet things, this is just nice. But if you really have sweet tooth, try get those tarts with toppings, that would help compliment the taste. Okay, the above are obviously my taste buds. Drop me a note if you think it tastes better than that after purchasing them! I wannnnaaaaaaaaaaa know! Buy your chees-y friends a box or get yourself a few today. I LOVE DISCOUNTS will be offering some really good deals beginning middle of next week or so. Keep checking on for more cool discounts coming your way. If you wanna compare the prices, a box of 6 costs RM 21.00 while a box of 10 (+2) costs RM 38.00. You may wanna see what I LOVE DISCOUNTS can offer next week! __________________________________________________________________________ OPPS CHEESE TARTS Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 55100, Kuala Lumpur. near to Beard Papa or Food Republic Food Court. Tel: +6017-8822381 __________________________________________________________________________ Get the best deals: ILOVEDISCOUNTS Facebook – ILOVEDISCOUNTS Twitter – @ilovediscountmy

Random Friday

So, without a doubt, I’ve been slacking my Fridays for the past say, 13 weeks? And in short, all I do is to eat, sleep, stare. Yeah, now you know how fat I can be every weekends. Worst still, I don’t slim down on the weekdays from Monday to Thursdays. I am ballooning like a big hot air balloon and sometimes I wonder when it will ever explode. So, here’s my usual Random Fridays activities. Don’t laugh cause I know I’ve been a mega couch potato. Activity 1: Eat Pan Mee. I prolly ate more than 10 bowls of Pan Mee in that 13 Fridays of mine. I feel like a slave to Pan Mee these days. It just lures me when I see the 2 words. Activity 2: Stare at my Computer. No, I am not bragging about my computer and my huge screen. But hey look, I was just surfing my usual like Facebook, Twitter and playing online craps and the cycle goes on round and round again. Well, but I got a little more productive today. I found out how to do Audio Streaming on Facebook live on a profile or a page, and I tried learning Facebook MarkUp Language. I felt a sense of achievement. Really.podcast Okay, making this a random quick post, I was on this ad. Add me on Facebook or Twitter to find out about my little mini part on the silly ad for I Love Discounts. And yeah, that was what I meant by Audio Streaming on Facebook. It’s pretty easy and cool! Activity 3: Dream. I tend to dream more on Fridays. It’s like you know Fridays are one of the days you just dream you were here doing things you like. And just dreaming the whole day away! So, you wanna know what I dream about today? I dreamt I was in Hong Kong. And the crazy me went to google Hong Kong piccas and try tempting myself to book a trip there. Last week, I dream I had a job which gives me a “Friday Office” thing. I feel proud when I tell people I have an office to go too. Yes, I am mentally ill these days. Activity 4: I drive like a headless chicken cos’ I don’t know where I am heading to. I conveniently hop on to my car, and then start driving without knowing where I wanna go. Okay, sorry. I contributed some fumes to the environment, but hey, it’s my solitude time. Activity 5: Okay, this is amazing. I’ve never actually do my assignments on Friday. Never. This is like the thing I DON’T DO ON FRIDAYS. Fridays have been a new found weekend for me. Activity 6: EAT. I usually go for an extraordinary meal on Fridays. So, I went to Chillis tonight. Chillis with its big portion of food, me, the balloon can’t even finish it. That sums up how big the portions are. Nevertheless, my new found excitements I look forward to during the weekdays are Fridays. But when Friday comes, NO, I don’t know where I am going neither do I know what I am doing. Today is one of those days I felt like being random. Perhaps, I’ve always been a random person. I do things my mind can’t comprehend at times. I am just a little too lazy to put even a picture today, but let me end your Friday with my not so handsome smile. DSC03204Okay, just kidding. This is so not me. He’s so cute I know. Well, here’s me and here’s hoping you have an awesome weekend ahead. DSC03202 Don’t chu wanna pinch the cheeks of this little boy? Drop me a note if you wanna do. We’ll pinch together! LOL!