BRUNO MARS LIVE IN KL 2011 – “The doo-wops & hooligans tour”

 bruno-mars-live-kl-poster “Grenade”, “Just The Way You Are”, “Marry You” lyrics has been blasting the Malaysian airwaves. For musicians, the chords are even written on their forehead. Okay, I’m just kidding. But my point here is, Bruno Mars has been hitting all the local airwaves with his hit songs. And man, I’ve to tell you his songs are so addictive. And once you get hold of it, it’s stuck the forever like glue.bruno-mars-grenade And Bruno Mars will be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in April 2011. It will be happening at Putra World Trade Center (PWTC). Okay, no reasons why it’s in PWTC okay? I don’t know either. But all about Bruno Mars? You just need to be there to find out! And if you know him well, go and listen to him and see if he is willing to catch a grenade for you. Or if he’s willing to jump in front of a train for ya? Bruno Mars is the recent winner of the Grammy Awards – Best Male Pop Performance. If you are wondering who brought you Bruno Mars Live in KL 2011 – It’s Maxis. Bruno Mars LIVE IN KL 2011 available tickets? Rumours had it that it’s sold out. Rumours also had it that some has kept the tickets and will be re-sold again soon. Though TicketPro has officially announced that it’s best to try find it somewhere. Apparently, some “players” are selling their tickets at really expensive prices. They probably bought it and is intending to play around with the price or get more bidders in. Rumours that Bruno Mars Malaysia Concert on Facebook is also sold out though! So, here’s trying your luck! So, you want Bruno Mars Live in KL 2011 tickets?bruno-mars-kl-concert-details I might just have 1 for you. I might. *fingers crossed*. Thats if you drop me a note on this blog post. Who knows I’m giving you that 1 free ticket? But there are other avenues that you can obtain Bruno Mars Live in KL 2011 tickets, check out “The Hotmail Competition” – Click: HERE. Who knows you get your chance to it? The All-New Mix Breakfast Show with JD and Dilly is also giving out all this week too. So, Bruno Mars Concert Tickets prices are priced at: RM 125, RM 153, RM 259. You know how hit Bruno Mars is right? He doesn’t come all the time. But if you leave me a nice comment, and when and if I really have the tickets, I’d randomly call you awesome-rs out there, deal? Drop me your blog link or contact though! I need to find you, when I do have the ticket. Notice: No “s” on tickets.


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    jfook March 31, 2011

    I WANT. Desperately want!! Cos I think I might not win the hotmail contest.

  2. Reply
    farhanah April 1, 2011

    If you have that ticket and willing to give it to someone, that someone would be eternally grateful (note: that someone could be me, heh)

    good luck on getting the ticket!

  3. Reply
    Anonymous April 1, 2011


  4. Reply
    SiMon Har April 1, 2011

    Can I? May I? Do I? LOL

    I want the ticket! Pls pls pls haha! *fingers crossed*

    i wish my email account: has a surprise from u :)

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    Jacquelyn Ho April 1, 2011

    I really want the ticket. Please give me if you have it? Thing is, someone confessed to me by singing his song. Now that Bruno mars is coming, I want to attend this concert with that certain someone :)

  6. Reply
    Dianah April 1, 2011

    ROFL!this is unbelievable!no way!!
    Give it to me,give it to me boy!!XD

  7. Reply
    Dianah April 1, 2011

    am i dreaming or what?!wake me up!come to mama bruno mars tickets!!

  8. Reply
    Dianah April 1, 2011

    oh and contact or should i leave u my address or no.?hahaha!

  9. Reply
    kuromeowiie April 1, 2011

    found your blog through isaac's blog and…….
    I can draw u anything><(LOL)

  10. Reply
    Benedict April 1, 2011

    Hey alvin. You know crazy I've been finding the tickets for Bruno Mars' concert and all right. So if you are generous enough to give it to me, I'll accept it with open hands :)

    number is 0176302453
    you got my Twitter
    email is

    hope to hear from you soon! :)

  11. Reply
    Jacquelyn Ho April 3, 2011

    Here's my contact again: 012 6732932. I hope u do have the tic and please grant this little wish of mine? Thank you :) have a great weekend!

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    yusyusy April 3, 2011

    "And man, I’ve to tell you his songs are so addictive. And once you get hold of it, it’s stuck the forever like glue".
    FOREVER LIKE GLUE, indeed.
    my breath is singing his songs, everyday.
    7 days left I believe there is always hope for me to see him LIVE.
    miracle happens everyday.

    I know you're somewhere out there
    somewhere far away,
    I hope that I can count you, like four three two and you'll be there. :')

    let's see if I can be the lucky girl for this doo-wops and hooligans'

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    Dianah April 3, 2011

    Twitter me:DeeyanahV94 *fingers crossed and pray:)*

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    Dila Ariff April 3, 2011

    Ok, this is me dropping by ur blog and commenting. I've been following the selling and bidding of his tickets, my god, I cant afford any of the prices offered :( if u can see from my blog, im a real fan of international artists coming to msia, and if u do get that 1 ticket, it would mean the world to me and my best friend in melb coz I'd get to share with her the bruno mars experience coz apparently tickets for his show in melb is sold out too! We're doing the whole "exchanging concert experience in diff countries" thing since we both love these kinda things. Hopefully I'll be in consideration for that 1 ticket u hv :)

  15. Reply
    alvinkok April 3, 2011

    Hey all, for all the tickets you are dying for. I think I MIGHT just be able to give out 1 piece. 😀

    But follow me on Twitter: @alvinkok_2 or Facebook statuses or Blog Comments or Tagboard to know if you've won. And of course if you've dropped me your email, check your email too. :)

    Get back to you guys really sooooon!

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    Jeen Pei April 3, 2011

    omg you have tickets?? are you freakin serious?? :( you must be saint who in the world is that generous?? i would be eternally grateful even paying for it!

  17. Reply
    alvinkok April 3, 2011

    You guys followed me on Twitter already? I think that place is pretty congested but make sure you check out! *hint hint* =D

  18. Reply
    Karan April 4, 2011

    will pay 3x tix prices if i can get my hands on 1 or 2!!! pls help!!

  19. Reply
    Karan April 4, 2011

    will pay upto 3x for any ticks i can get my hands on!! pls help!!

  20. Reply
    kuromeowiie April 5, 2011

    have you gv it out dy?
    forgot to write my in last comment…><

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    saifullah aizzat April 5, 2011

    im selling a pair of ticket for bruno mars live in me for best price 😉 COD

  22. Reply
    saifullah aizzat April 5, 2011

    ive an extra ticket for bruno mars live in kl call me for best price 0173157747-ezat

  23. Reply
    ohtantic April 6, 2011

    I've exhausted all avenues to get the tickets. You'll definitely make my day if I can get a ticket to Bruno Mars =)

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