Happy 5th Birthday Twitter

You know I am always slower than many others, so, hence this blog about Twitter’s 5th Birthday recently. I’ve always wanted to do posts which affect people and mentions people. So I told myself that I need to get my hands dirty and really put in some hard work. And with all the below, please also know that it is of my own opinions and does not represent any corporation or conglomerates. If you think I’ve prolly missed out your name or Twitter account, I hereby apologise. Leave me a comment la! But it’s quite amazing how some people still asks “What is Twitter?” though I received these questions less often these days.

In the past short five years, Twitter has reporting having 200+ million users (and bots) and a market valuation of $8 – 10 billion. It is also mentioned that Twitter will continue to change how we discover and interact. Also, to shape culture and the nature of relationships. Fast Company gathered the numbers and have came into the conclusion below:

It took 3 years, 2 months and 1 day to hit 1 billion Tweets. Now it only takes 1 week for Twitter to syndicate 1 billion Tweets — although most of them lately will probably include mentions of Charlie Sheen, Rebecca Black, or Justin Bieber. In February 2011, daily Tweets averaged 140 million (140 FTW) almost 3x the 50 million Tweets sent every day this time last year. On March 11th in the wake of Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami, Tweets flew to 177 million. On New Year’ Day 2011, 4 seconds after passing midnight in Japan, a new Tweets Per Second (TPS) record was set at 6,939. While the exact number of users is elusive, Twitter reports that 572,000 accounts were created on March 12, 2011. 460,000 new accounts were created each day on average in February 2011. Mobile use of Twitter is booming, growing 182% in the last year.

Anyways, my point here is that if you are a new twitter-er or a quiet one, I’m trying to be an awesome guy here to help you out and to expand your horizons. HAHAHA! Just kidding. But, here are some people I follow and I think you should follow too. They are either brilliant, famous, popular or a nobody. If you are listed, put yourself into one of those category. If you think you are in the first 3 category, then YOU’RE SHAMELESS as I am. 😛 OF COURSE, ALL IN ALL, YOU’VE TO FOLLOW MY RANTINGS at @alvinkok_2. That’ll bring you a long long way!

Social Media / PR / Geeks @nikicheong
News Agencies / Portals @BreakingNews
@edgemy (The Edge)
@tm_insider (Malaysian Insider)
@MyStarTwo (Star Two)
@staronline (The Star)
@thestar_rage(The Star Rage)
Blog / Twitter Adverts Company @Churp2 (Churp Churp)
@advertlets (Advertlets)
Music / Gossips / Entertainment / Magazines @SamuelTsui
Cinemas @TGVCinemas
Telco / Internet / Phones @maxislistens (Maxis’ personal Q and A)
@maxiscomms (Maxis’ deals)
Aviation @askairasia (Air Asia Q and A)
@AirAsia (AirAsia promotions)
Christianity / Youth Ministry / Church(es) @rockministry (youth ministry of KL Baptist Church)
Radio Announcers & TV Producers @RUDYCULOUS (RedFm Breakfast Show host)
@JereTeo (RedFm Breakfast Show host)
@LexieRedFM (RedFm 11-3 host)
@aronil (RedFm Late Night Love Songs host)
@mynnisme (RedFm Late Night Love Songs host)
@danielctweet (Class 95 DJ)
@DillyMixFM (Mix Breakfast Show host)
@syafique (NTV7 Breakfast Show Producer)
@arnoldloh (RedEvening host)
@kenintotrouble (RedFm Breakfast Show producer)
@terryred (RedFm Drive host)
@benjern (FlyFm Pagi Show host)
@JinnyBoy (Hitz Party host)
@JJhitz (HitzFm Morning Crew host)
Radio / TV Stations @RedfmRyders (RedFm Ryders)
@mixdotfm (MixFm 94.5 Klang Valley)
@the8tvquickie (8TV Quickie)
@iloveredfm (RedFm 104.9 Klang Valley)
@hitzdotfm (HitzFm 92.9 Klang Valley)
Bloggers / Photographers @JonYKT
Restaurants / Cafe @ThePinkSage
Traffic @RyanDeAlwis
Motivational / Inspirational / Bringing Change @iheartmy
Companies @jayaone
Hotels @Holiday_Villa
Discounts Site / Discounts Staff @ilovediscountmy
Travel @PYOTravel_MY
Jobs @JobsCentralMY
Bookstores @booqc
Politicians @hannahyeoh
Others / Humourous @charliesheen

Basically, the list above are people whom I’ve been following which I think has help me know more about the world. Like I said, this is a personal “follow list”, which may or may not left out deserving or undeserving people. Follow at your own risk. At least, to me, these are the people I think you should follow on Twitter. I realised by doing a list like this, I’ve kinda unfollowed quite a number of people who stopped tweeting too. Tell me if you agree to this list by leaving me a comment! Love hearing from you.

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