Batu Caves Adventure with the Monkeys

I was pondering as to how to start my post on Batu Caves, and I decided to put an album featuring all your friends the monkeys below. Batu Caves somehow sounded boring but the trip with classmates made it fun and worthwhile. As you enter Batu Caves, I think apart from the statue, the Monkeys are the next attraction. You can even see some of the pictures below where the monkeys post for the camera. Cute right? You want them as your friends?IMG_5388 IMG_5394 IMG_5400 IMG_5401 Awww, the loving senior Mr Monkey with Jr Monkey!IMG_5402 IMG_5403 Okay, I promise you I’d give you a better post tomorrow. This is like a teaser post. I didn’t mean that they are your friends.


  1. Reply
    vox September 9, 2010

    Eh the monkey so cute!! <3 laa

  2. Reply
    Mabel Low September 9, 2010

    Cute huh? Wait til i update my picnic to Gunung Lang. One monkey STOLE OUR SPONGE CAKE! :s

  3. Reply
    nigelsim September 9, 2010

    haha. the 2nd last pic is funny. pinching the tits. LOL

  4. Reply
    alvinkok September 9, 2010

    vox: yep yep. hehe. thts why i feature them first! 😛

    mabel: OMG. so ur pics similar to mine too? :)

    nigel: ohmaigawd. only u can figure that out. punching of tits? 😛

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