Blowing the Cake (Final)

Sorry for dragging my posts so long as I was so tied up with planning for ADORE as well as rushing for my assignments which are due next week. So, here I am to conclude this Celebration before the next interesting topic pops up. I guess it should be interesting lah *winks* Here are my cousins, they sounded like twins. I mean, seriously._MG_2077 Singing the birthday song for my dearest Grandfather. πŸ˜‰_MG_2005 _MG_2008 My grandfather thanking the crowd and love for him._MG_2011 _MG_2017 And he had 2 birthday cakes too. Amazing kan?_MG_2019 _MG_2020 _MG_2022 _MG_2040 _MG_2052 I was forced to sing with the bunch of cousins. I seriously wanted to stop embarrassing myself further. But argh, kids?_MG_2060 _MG_2061 _MG_2062 _MG_2065 _MG_2073 And again, Happy Birthday Kong Kong. Next post: *promise you it’ll be interesting lah* And this was the video I did for the dinner. πŸ˜‰

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