Kong Kong’s 80th Birthday

How many people can truly say that they have 80 years of life? I am proud to be the oldest grandchild for my mother’s side and to have an amazing grandfather who loves me like no one else does. It’s such a fantabulous feeling being a part of this 80th celebration of my grandpa. The feeling of being a part of a great big family for one occasion is priceless. We celebrated his birthday at Marco Polo restaurant with quite a number of tables._MG_1780 This is my beloved grandmother (my dad’s side) who cooks for me everyday and brought me up to the fat size I am today._MG_1784 Here is my aunty with some of my cousins. Note, I am the oldest grandchild again!_MG_1786 This is my grandpa’s Morning Kaki who has tea with him every morning. My grandpa in red batik._MG_1788 On my left is my mother and my right, my aunty._MG_1790 Another gorgeous cousin of mine who actually performed violin that night._MG_1799 _MG_1800 _MG_1809 My family picture with grandpa._MG_1810 The BIG Family._MG_1866 _MG_1867 Lovin’ this picture with my mum. Or does she looks like my sister?_MG_1874 _MG_1879 _MG_1887 _MG_1920 _MG_1921 _MG_1922Here’s to end the first part. Mind me that I am a little busy. Will try to update as frequent as I could.


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    aiwei August 17, 2010

    Happy birthday to your kong kong!Wish he has more birthdays to come!!

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    alvinkok August 23, 2010

    thanks so much! :)

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