More Partays…

Forgive me for my absense for the past 4-5 days. I was crazily sick from Monday and Tuesday and I was like bed-ridden. But I think I am back almost in full force already. However, my throat is still itching. I had no choice but to complete this outstanding post too although I know it’s birthday posts in the last 2 posts. So, this time it was Siu Hui, Yi Hueih and Matthew’s Birthday. We went to Wong Kok in Pavilion. I don’t know who took my sexay back! 😛DSC02972 DSC02973 They just love starring a pretty girls.DSC02974 This is Matthew Oh Oh Oh…DSC02975 Sher Leen’s Vanity Pose in action. Since she stopped blogging, I thought I’d give her the Internet-fame for another few minutes (like what I did to Andy below)DSC02986 DSC02990 This is Siu Hui. :)DSC02991 DSC02995 And this is DJ Yi Hueih 😛DSC02997 I don’t know how we got into this but Matt was caught in his outstanding …… (fill in the blanks)DSC02998 DSC03000 DSC03002 DSC03007 DSC03008 DSC03009 DSC03012 DSC03014 DSC03016 Nama: Lilian Lim Lee Leng. Saya tak tahu kenapa dia ada banyak (tak tahu aper itu panggil) 😛DSC03020 DSC03022 DSC03027 Some group snapshots! :)DSC03039 DSC03040 And here was a party for the 3 fantastic ones! :) Always a pleasure celebrating birthdays. Spot me if you can! 😛

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