Nonsense Friday: Teachers as Politicians?

I’ve been reading the papers, browsing through columns, opinions, news and articles. And for the past 2 days, the hit-topic has been on Teachers as Politicians. I don’t know how you’d be feeling if you had a teacher who was a Politician, of if you child is placed under a teacher whom is a Politician. I personally think is such a bad move to allow teachers to actively be involved in politics; just as if the politics here in our country is not bad enough. A teacher’s duty is to educate, teach and to serve the students and to bring up kids/students in the right way and right path. So, now. How can the government organisations complain that teacher has heavy workload while they are trying to add another heavier burden on them. Put yourselves in the shoe of the politicians, do you ever once think it is easy? It is so ironic how one can complain on the workload and yet agree to this foolish decision. Enlighten me if you think that being a politician will give the teachers lesser workloads. Furthermore, teachers should always be respected by students. And being respected does have an impact in influencing the thoughts of the students. So, how can we teach students to be democratic and to have freedom of speech if, for example the teacher is from the government or even the opposition. How do you justify that? For example, a student choose to speak against an issue that is against the government, where the teacher (politician) is supporting. Hence, how would that class be like? A parliamentary debate? It does not also take a genius to know that our education system is getting from bad to worst, what more when/if the teachers are involved in politics? Teachers will probably spend much time politicking in class than any other things and will not bother about their professional duties. In addition, what happens when general election comes? WIll all classes be cancelled? Or be replaced? Where will these politician teachers be? Giving speeches, promising manifestoes? Won’t that neglect school duties? Yes, in previous years in history, teachers are often politicians but in this generation, this no longer works. If a teacher can complain the heavy burden in school, why even add additional burdens? School those days ain’t like school these days. Politics those days ain’t too like politics these days. It can’t be compared. Is not justifiable to say that voice of teachers on issues would be heard more at the political level and that they should be given the opportunity to play a constructive role in politics. There are many ways to do that, but not using our kids and students as the medium. Do we have to go to this extend? Tell me your views! :)

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    So here the deal is that someone commented on allow teachers to be politician so that their voices are heard.
    Of course, I disagree, but on a different reason. It simply is a simplistic idea that a teacher with a political party will have a voice. Yes, on workload part I agree. A teacher's job is to educate, not trying to voice out their rights or sort. The absurdity of the whole thing is that by somehow nodding to this action, people of every job, even the garbage collectors have to be a politician to " let their voices be heard".
    Furthermore, the very reason that teachers, or in fact, all government officers cannot be an active politician is to preserve the fairness and the neutrality of the government. As a democratic nation, that is the basis of all freedom. Yes, they can voice out opinions. Even in classes, I don't believe it is wrong, so long they voice out to appropriate age group. But when it comes to being the politician itself, it crosses the line of that neutrality. You are bound by the party in a way to support the ideals. Inevitably, even if they are professional enough, political arena will somehow condemn the teacher-poltician for brainwashing, like it or not. To avoid such controversy from infiltrating the sanctity of the school system. The school is not a platform for politics as students are guillible…

    Though i think by saying that politics is bad, i would not agree fully for that it needed in democracies, neither do I deny that people tend to misuse them.

    As for the teacher-politician of yesteryears, I believe many actually resigned from active service to move into politics..

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    alvinkok August 3, 2010

    Zhai Gen: I so agree with your views too! :) Good analysis on it. Stay tune for more Nonsense Friday posts if you are interested. :)

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