Disneyland (2)

Okay, here am I continuing my blog post on Disneyland in Hong Kong. I know it’s supposed to be Nonsense Friday but hey, I don’t want to go around crying foul over the Petrol Hike since it’s the most trendy topic. So, I decided to get on with Disneyland. But before that, i left out this video that I did on introing Kowloon, Hong Kong. Mind my sleep face! 😛

At Disneyland, we also popped by one of it’s activities called “Festival of the Lion King”. Please excuse the bad quality of pictures because we were too busy having fun and not taking pictures! Forgive me lah, ok?hk pics 679 hk pics 680 In the Festival of the Lion King, was dark and nice! And if you were wondering why I’m only with this gang, cause we separated into a few teams and I so happened to be with this.hk pics 683 We were racing against time and so, pictures had to be taken on the move. Thats how rush we were. Thank goodness I been in there once, I do know some whereabouts in Disneyland!hk pics 694 We felt this was a good place to take pictures and hence, we rushed in and just snapped a few pictures!hk pics 700 We sat Space Mountain for oh gosh, 3 times. And knowing I had loads of fears with such adventures, I chose to go in because of the dearest youths. And I finally conquered my fears after the first round and somehow, got even more hyped up!hk pics 714 Honestly, we were running low on cash and we didn’t want to change extra money there so, we just snapped a few piccas there from the screen! Don’t call me chapskate lar!hk pics 718 While waiting for some other rides, we took some pictures. And yes, that was the only time for some nice smiles to be on it!hk pics 720 hk pics 722 Waiting to enter the 4D movie. It was so nice to be watching it and the feeling was just indescribable!hk pics 746hk pics 760And here is something that costs me a bomb. I think I spent like RM 25-30 just for that bowl of noodles. And it was such small portion and I’d say, not worth eating. But what choice did we have?hk pics 766 hk pics 767 Another round of our craziness, it’s not a constipated face okay? We were playing some games in the ride. The deal was not to laugh in the ride and we were constantly tickling and disturbing each other and gosh, I got it from those around me too! And we did say we wanted to do silly faces when the camera flashes! 😛hk pics 779 My constipated facehk pics 780Some other rides and their pictures. Nice background and architecture, isnt it? 😛P1070529 P1070534 P1070535 P1070538 P1070540 P1070545 P1070550 How can Disneyland be without ToyStory right?P1070594 Some cool stuffs they were selling at the stores. Don’t ask me how much, I did not get any of those!P1070600 P1070603  We also played this Spinning Cup thingy where we screamed and shouted like mad and I almost almost puked!

Here is Hong Kong Disneyland!hk pics 792 Okay, one last post on Disneyland and it’s just videos I think and I am gonna sign off from Hong Kong! Isn’t it just awesome?


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    懿綺懿綺 July 17, 2010
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    宋瑞正宋瑞正 July 19, 2010

    有深道,要慢慢感受~~^^ 加油......................................................

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