Hong Kong (Part 3)

Coming to Part 3, most of the pictures were from The Peak and the city. And call me weird, or crazy; cause I ate McDonalds at Hong Kong. Nothing was wrong with me; we just decided to eat McDonalds for no reason. There were strange menus on the board when I have not even seen them before; but I decided to stick to my Spicy Chicken McDeluxe. Don’t you think it’s the best burger in McD?hk pics 451Amazed by Chilli Sauce 😛 hk pics 452 hk pics 453 hk pics 454We saw this bunch of birds there; it was soooo friggin’ cute! Although I dislike animals, but hey, there are really cute! hk pics 455A picture at The Peak; don’t you think the background looks so like a wallpaper? hk pics 458 hk pics 459Here is where Sher Leen actually got confused with her gender; and capabilities! Opps, but look at the design, it’s so coool! hk pics 461A random shot, as we were walking around, they met this 2 young chap; which was so tall. Just when I thought I was tall enough, look at them – a head taller!hk pics 463Here are some photos outside of The Peak: hk pics 465  hk pics 467 hk pics 478 hk pics 479 hk pics 481 hk pics 483Please do not look at my belly! 😛 hk pics 484 hk pics 485We saw Haagen Dazs and we were drooling for it; but we didn’t manage to eat it though! hk pics 489 hk pics 491Here, at the town, we met Pastor Daniel from SIBKL; what a great coincidence. 😉 hk pics 497 If you are interested to see how Malaysians tortured the other Asians in the Conference; check out tomorrow! 😛 Hope Hong Kong doesn’t bore you to death! If it did, here is a video to entertain you:

Tell me if you had a good laugh!


  1. Reply
    kianfai87 July 1, 2010

    waa hong kong! =) waiting ur update neh, so exiting too look at all the post on ur blog =P

  2. Reply
    Caryne a.k.a. F-I-S-H July 1, 2010

    Awesome HK trip! you guys really had alot of fun! 😉

  3. Reply
    Ken July 1, 2010

    Seems that u had so much fun in HK.

  4. Reply
    alvinkok July 2, 2010

    kianfai: haha, thanks. come back soon wokie? 😛

    caryne: yeah yeah, was fantastically fun

    ken: go hk also lar. super fun wan. really.. 😛

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