Hong Kong (Part 1)

This is a super long overdue post for Hong Kong; for those who didn’t know, I was actually away to Hong Kong at Dec 2009 to January 2010. Yes, I celebrated New Year there. I went with a bunch of monkeys youths there to have a good holiday as well as to attend a Conference there in Hong Kong for the Asia Pacific Christian youths. It was held for 4 days; and the rest were mainly holidays and tours. Here is 2 young ladies who joined us to Hong Kong right after their SPM Examination.hk pics 242We were so excited that we screamed, laughed, chat in the van. Okay, I know the picture below doesnt at all sound convincing because of the emo guy behind. But yeah, we were so excited about the trip that we took tons and tons of photos even before we reached the airport.hk pics 248Thanks to my kind, generous dad, he actually drove us all to the airport. Here is a group picture of us – the Malaysia delegate at the airport. Spot the joy on our faces!hk pics 249Here, we were boarding on the train to our departure gate. We made noise wherever we were and I somehow felt the security guards might probably be thinking who this bunch of monkeys people are. 😛hk pics 250 hk pics 252Most of us were busy tweeting, calling, onlining at the airport while waiting for the aeroplane. And yes, we did not sit AirAsia this round. :)hk pics 260 hk pics 272 hk pics 273 hk pics 274 hk pics 275When we arrived at Hong Kong, a team of people welcomed us and we hopped on into our bus to head to the place we were gonna stay. Apparently, the place we were gonna stay is the border of Hong Kong and China; I still don’t know how true is that! hk pics 276First day, first night – already posing! hk pics 289Because we reached day a day earlier or so before the conference, we walked and went around the town near the meeting place to grab some food and to splash some money! hk pics 301 hk pics 302 hk pics 305 hk pics 309Just check that out – SHOPPING! hk pics 315Don’t you just love these egg tarts? The picture makes me drool! 😛 hk pics 323 hk pics 326 hk pics 327 hk pics 328This was a new found friend from Hong Kong. She was such a nice and outgoing girl! hk pics 334 hk pics 336  Here was our meeting place. :)hk pics 348 Stay tune for Part 2! I don’t know how many parts I am gonna post yet; I am still sorting out the pictures! There are just too many I want to share! Tell me how? :S

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