Urbanscapes (& Project Angkat Rumah)

Some of you guys may have know that I won a pair of tickets to Urbanscapes 2010 – The City’s All-Day Creative Arts Festival organised by KLuE. If you didn’t know, I wont it by writing a random comment (which I never thought I’d win) on their Facebook. Coming to read it back again, I somehow felt it is so lame. I actually submitted 2 comments on different days; but the winning entry was:winner klue Apart from this entry, the one I wrote before (which did not get posted on their Facebook cause of some problems) was:

Alvin does not like living and jumping in the jungle with the monkeys; and the only way to get out is to be urbanised at Urbanscapes!

Yes, lame stuffs. Anyways, I had 2 tickets and I went in with Bryan; but finally I had to leave early, so I passed by ticket to smashpOp thereafter when I realised he doesn’t have his. I had to say I am not very much impressed with the whole event; mainly because the things there doesnt attract me as much. I can just conclude that YOUTH’10 was a more well organised event. Here are some pictures I took, don’t be too amazed because I myself ain’t amazed after all. Thank goodness for the free tickets! 😛 Here was quite a disastrous pretty art workDSC02810 DSC02811Some of the shop at the marketplace; they were selling some tshirts; and I do love some of those super cool wordings on the tshirts. They make me look cool, I think.DSC02812 This area was a free-for-all to take. There are some really nice postcards that we can take. It does have some very unique, funky pctures. I only took like a few; just the nice ones!DSC02813 DSC02816 DSC02818 DSC02819 DSC02820Here is something I wanted to write about, Project Angkat Rumah.

“Film maker Liew Seng Tat with the support of Five Arts Center wants to re-live the spirit of gotong-royong by moving a house. Yes, they are going to carry and move a whole house to KLPac. Check out Projek Angkat Rumah.” – http://jiboneus.com/
Project Angkat Rumah Ad.

I have to say, it was a great effort of bringing people together to do something (for the better); it really showed great unity in diversity. People of different background, age, race, religion all come together – for one purpose, for one success. It definitely shown a good Malaysian spirit. Despite all this, yes, I am still proud to be a Malaysian. This was a short video I took when i was there. I am still impressed with the effort and teamwork shown. :)

Some other pictures to conclude the post: DSC02824 DSC02826 DSC02830 DSC02832 Thank you KLuE for giving me the free tickets; definitely has been one of a great day out! :)


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    Serge Norguard June 27, 2010

    hahahah… i see my self in your vid

  2. Reply
    alvinkok June 28, 2010

    LOL. coool, u see urself? which part? hehehe

  3. Reply
    Serge Norguard June 28, 2010

    hahah.. that one is a secret =p

  4. Reply
    alvinkok June 29, 2010

    Wah, hehe! 😛 like tht also can ar? 😛 no good lar u. hehehe

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