She’s Out Of My League Review (2010)

I was privileged to won 2 tickets because of a random post I posted on Facebook on a question by The Rage. They gave me the ticket for the premier in Malaysia on 21 June 2010 at Golden Screen Cinemas in 1Utama. I decided to go with my brother. Yes, first time with him for a show (and I am 20 now) The show “She’s Out Of My League” is rated as 18. It is an American Romantic Comedy Film directed by Jim Field Smith. It talks a lot of how self-esteem can affect the lives of just a person. Although the examples used was just based on looks of personality of a person; it’s just hilarious how they actually put the story. It also gives you an idea why the (so called hot, pretty) girl would choose a not-too-goodlooking-man to love. The movie breaks the stereotype that hotties just want to be with other hotties, reinstating that ‘beauty comes from within’. Jay Baruchel is tops as the mumbling geek who trips over himself, while the supporting cast outshine each other with hilarious lines. According to a friend of mine, this show has been released in United States for quite some time. Being too free, I actually googled it out and true enough, it was. Here are some of the posters you might be seeing.1 2 The poster in Kuala Lumpur looks like this:3 Some scenes from the show:4 5 The scene where the 4 “brothers” were in a discussion. Shes Out Of My League movie image Towards the ending, on how this guy actually decided to get back to his old, not-so-pretty-looking ex-girlfriend. 7 I think if you want to have a good laugh, this is definitely a show to catch up on. I’d say that the show is quite vulgar; nevertheless: it made me laugh and it made my day. Watch this if you’re looking for a safe, date night movie that doesn’t require too much concentration. Rating: 8/10


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    Biopolymath June 24, 2010

    The other day Cheesie was arguing about looks and dating. I'm sure this movie is a round of inspiration! I've heard of that movie for quite some time (imma in Australia!).

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    alvinkok June 26, 2010

    hahahaha, yeah yeah.. :) this movie was jst hilarious, and surely it helps in improving self esteem.. :)

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