So Manglish-lah?

*this post is gonna be unique. i’ll give you some Manglish as we go on just to enlighten you (yes, it’s stupid)*

I guess I’m not gonna make a fool out of our own Malaysians, but generally I guess it would somehow insult some Malaysians and also in some ways, guess my stand on the use of English language in our everyday life. Just take a browse through at the 3 pictures below and see how ordinary and proper English has become Manglish-lah.

With the much ongoing debates over the ‘Editorial’ section on New Straits Time and The Star, I constantly find it very annoying when certain parties choose to think ’50 years ago’ or certain parties who are always in denial about the current education system in Malaysia.

Manglish #1: betayudon – mild warning, as in “You’d better not do that.”

I know I can’t change anything (at least, I know I am not capable of doing so) because our dear Education Minister has decided to revert Maths and Science back to Bahasa Melayu. And don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that Bahasa Melayu is not good or not important (bear in mind: I at a Bahasa Melayu teacher). Being in the year 2010, we should know that technology has advanced and we, people too; have become more and more intelligent. And to get the source of our education from our “second hand language” just doesnt sound right.

Manglish #2: (don) tokkok) – playful insult (“Don’t talk rubbish!”); the etymology of tokkok is uncertain but it probably derives from “talk cock” (as in “cock and bull” stories).

I, for one, thank God that my batch complete Form 1-5 in English. It was one of the greatest joy and blessing. Generally, our competency level in the international arena has been dropping; in almost about all areas (badminton included). Somethings that our authorities “think” it’s good has been somewhat not good.

Manglish #3: osoken – “also can”; variant of kenoso; in other words, “Anything goes!” or “Fine by me!”

Students and kids nowadays has been thought to speak “Manglish” – Malaysian English, even when they are born. It’s saddening to see the standard of English in our country is dropping day by day. It’s not just that ‘LAH’; there are other words and phrases as well.

I really hates it when those phrases goes so terrible that even they themselves could not understand. Can you just imagine? And while I was browsing through a forum, I saw someone asking this, ‘What’s you’re favorite way of ruining the english language!? xD’. Can you believe it?

Manglish #4: yu-a-yu – term of friendly accusation, meaning “You’re too much!”

And hey, the harm it is doing may seem invisible now, but very soon – it’d be!

Quoting from Dorcas from Facebook, “We are unconsciously witnessing the birth of a new language”

Do you really want (your kids) to speak Manglish in the future? Think about it.

Disclaimer 1: I’m not perfect in my English either.
Disclaimer 2: I’m not teaching you Mangish, I am just enlightening you about this “new language”


  1. Reply
    ~Blabberina~ May 27, 2010

    i use both english n manglish.. manglish is for fun-with frens. and manglish shd be mixture of both language. but if too many grammar mistake, i dont think so can consider as manglish-it's a bad english.

    "takkan shy-shy one?" i consider cute manglish

    "u is coming ke tidak?" wrong grammar-i hate this.

  2. Reply
    alvinkok May 30, 2010

    Well, I think it'd soon get worst. It's better to take remedy now before it's too late? :)

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