Let’s Talk Banana (Pt 1)


Apparently so, I was at ROCK‘s Bananza party. And that was the language we were speaking. It was a fun day playing bananagames, singing and dancing bananasongs, talking bananalanguage and most of all, eating bananas!

We’ve had pisang goreng and banana split and real bananas.

Here was what exactly happened; we had a game of the blind feeding some monkeys (i meant, humans :P) bananas. We also played a game of Banana dummy!

We also gave out the Most-Banana Lookalike Male and Female Starbucks Voucher at the end. The picture below will tell you who are those banana(s)!

And I also want to thank Fion for her Espresso Cream Frappucino. It was awesome. How can I not love being with these bunch of youths?

Stay tune for Part 2, okie? 😀


  1. Reply
    erwinator May 21, 2010

    that's a lot of bananas 😀

  2. Reply
    alvinkok May 21, 2010

    haha, yeah. but was fun eh. =D

  3. Reply
    kianfai87 May 22, 2010

    ooOOoo! lol after banana games, feel sticky? =P

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