When you seem to think that you have tomorrow, you ought to procrastinate.

But I have come to a realisation that Life is Short.
You may be here today, and yet, away, tomorrow.

I don’t know what this life would bring for me.
But I am learning to appreciate the things and the people around me as long as I am breathing.

It makes me smile to know that some would still see me in heaven, and some might not.
But whatever it brings, I will still find joy in this life.

The joy that none can fathom.
The love none can taste.
with my Lord.

I smile to know that God has been my comfort all these while when I am in need, in pain and in trouble.
He has never fail me.

To know that the Lord has His best installed for me and my family gives hope.
A hope that only you – need to experience it yourselves.

Disasters happens, Deaths occurs – at the start of 2010.
May not seem a bright year for some.
But I know it’s not bleak future.
I know He is in control in all these circumstances,
And I pray that through all these, more would come to know the Lord.

It is saddening to people wounded, people die, this and that.
But I know all these is happening for His glory.

2010 is a year of hope.
that through all that is happening, there is still hope for the lost.
And for those who seek Him and Him alone will find this hope.
An everlasting Hope.


On the other hand, if there is still people reading my dying blog, do drop a message.

Cause I still do come here and check things out.

Life has not been treating me really well, but I am overcoming it.
cuz’ I want to be an overcomer!


i miss quite a number of people in my life now.


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    charis January 16, 2010

    good post.

  2. Reply
    kenwooi February 27, 2010

    enjoy life to the fullest =)


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