tonight’s just one of those nights.

tell me i am emo. i am.

it’s prolly the first time i am feeling like this in this year.
when i start thinking too much in the morning.

this is what happens – disappointments endlessly.
things happens.

its prolly one of those days when it will swiped thru all my emotions and i am fine the next day.
i wish. i hope.

so many things running through my mind.
but sometimes, no one is just there to hear me out and to understand me.

and it boils down to me trying to take it all in personally.

i wished i could just crap things with people and talk crap and blend in.
i realise i can no longer do that.
it’s ironic how some people thinks they can.

i don’t know what crap i am talking.
but this is sure one of those emo stupid days i am going through.

let’s hope tomorrow will be a better day?
or else, i’ll sleep through the day without going to classes.


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