I wished…

…once again, i wished i could just turn back time…


it was tough and it still is to let go of people dearest to you.
and probably even tougher when you’ve never met the person for months.
and i really mean months.

although promises made were empty, you made the last few days great.
for me. at least.
and memorable.

i felt the pinch only the night before you left.
it was a tough challenging night.
and i wished i could even think – it’s okay.
no. i couldn’t.

it took a while for me to sink in.
or prolly, way more than ‘a while’

and hearing you on the phone tearing makes me tear too.
my heart was so torn that night on the phone.
to know you are leaving the next morning.
but i was so happy to hear you on the phone, honestly.

i wished i was permitted to cry out loud.
even right now, writing this – i am holding tears.

because i just miss having you around me, around my lil phone.
which smses beeps all the time. from you.

your last words of ‘i’ll miss you’ hits me even more that night.
i wished i could utter the same phrase, but physical surroundings did not permit me to do so.
but yeah, ‘i’ll miss you too’.

i am feeling much better now. at least it’s sinking in.
altho i still think about you.
much better doesn’t equals to better.
and counting 8hours behind my time is just annoying at times.
i think by the 3 months you are back, i can count it upside down for you ‘plus-minus’ eight.
i guess i am no kidding. =)

but the moment i woke up this morning, checked my phone and saw that weird number miss call at 4am, i knew it was you. although wasn’t hundred percent sure.
till your facebook message says.
at least i know where to find you now.
still waiting for your call on skype or something though. :)

but i am truly thankful for your facebook message and wall posts which really brightens up my day. :)
never don’t reply. or you will so get it from me when you return. heh.

i know you’re enjoying snow there and somehow i pray and hope that this distance(and absence) will binds us closer and brings us together. quoting ‘you’ =)

yeah. i am gonna work hard to finish off my assignments and wait for your return while enjoying my 2 months break. and by then, i wish to spend time. and prolly i hope it won’t be a disappointing one. i guess it won’t be.
because you have to be back to collect your christmas/hk gift from me. :)
that another of your promise!!

=) just so you know, i think many people are missing you as well.
and i can say that i am the first few.
without a doubt.

3 months and counting.. to.. March 25th..

UK isn’t that far after all, right? =P
*please tell me it isn’t so that i can go over soon too*

-why is the people i love and care for leaves me one by one? i wonder. sigh-

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