I always think that I have not been mentioning people who has been a great blessing to me. I know I missed out on a promise on the blog post of ‘Top People in My Life’ but tell you what, I’ll mention one of them today. And the rest, I will think about it. How about that? 😀

Okay, I hope thats the deal?

That person I will talk about is Sarveen. =] Used to be my junior in high school at St. John’s. I’ve got no idea how we got this close. He’s now like my little bro. I can bet you, he’s one of the most notorious boys and notorious prefects you can ever find in school. Don’t kill me for saying this. =p

I talk to him so often. Almost daily; he messages. But yeah, we get too busy sometimes anyways. But it’s alright. I sometimes can’t believe myself that we are that close till we text even when I’m in Singapore; He’s at London. LOL.

But we rarely talk la. Now SPM for him. But he’s leaving pretty soon already to UK anyways next month.

I just had to talk about him because I think he lacks my mentionings in my blog. But I still do care for him. =]


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