Capacities Expanding.

People love to say ‘Expand Your Capacities’ which is by somewhat, you yourself expanding your own capacity. It starts with you.

But for now, I think my ‘Capacities are Expanding’ which is somewhat, caused by circumstances around me. Which I am forced to expand my capacities because the capacities are expanding.
Okay, it’s confusing. If you don’t get it. Fine.
I foresee an exciting year ahead. A very fun one I assume. Praying for it at least.
What more can I say; although there will be 1 or 2 people I cherish leaving me (again!); but I will press on. The person promised me much for now =)
I love how happenin’ my youth’s SPM-ers/STPM-ers are. Macam care free only. =] They are like behaving as if SPM is NOT COMING AT ALL. I love them all and they have truly been a blessing to me. No where I can find such rockin’ youths.
And everytime I think of these few (just few) happy pills in my life; my heart fills with laughter and joy despite how painful things can be. And how much I dislike the life I am going through after my heart being in pieces. I am struggling to put it back into a piece and I know I can do it.
By the way, I am looking forward to Hong Kong. One awesome trip with the bunch of youths! We love HK, We love Disneyland. And I can’t wait. It’s gonna be different with them. All of them! =)
Catch you soon. Hopefully with some pictures next post! =)

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