I think I have the greatest team of leaders in the world.

They are the most fun people I am always with in ROCK. And we are passionate about more young people coming to know Christ next year; even beginning now!

I love each of them to bits and I know we are giving our best to see God move next year. And He can move even without us; but we wanna be here to be molded by Him.

I can’t wait for next year!

On another hand, I realise I have been traveling excessively. And I really mean excessive traveling. And I feel so blessed. Just so you know, I changed my phone too. =] and a new desktop. All in one year! I may have gone through the worst year of my life in my relationships with people; but it’s also the best year in terms of blessings and love.

Well, my relationships around ain’t that bad. It’s just that ONE. And thereafter, I have also realised many people really do LOVE me as well. =] I mean it. No elaboration needed. It’s not any special love. Just ordinary ones. =)

I don’t know why I seemed like wrapping up the year; but I love 2009 for its own uniqueness.

To say that I am totally healed from the wounds within me, I know I have not. Because it was severely wounded. But I am trying. It doesnt get heal in a day. You should know it if you’ve been through it. =)

And anyways, you still like my layout? 😀

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