Jobbb! :)

Listening to True Worshippers Album right now.

I think it’s awesome.


I just got an offer from HomeSchool to be a part time tutor.

HomeSchool is a school ministry from United States following the US syllabus for students of all ages.

It is a programme designed for students who is not good enough or too good; as it does not follow a grading system. It goes along as you complete each level regardless of time.

It’s owned by my church! One of the children ministries.

HomeSchool at church is one of the growing daily ministries and has full time or part time students. I am going in for observation tomorrow and getting a new Iranian student on Monday.

Definitly it’s not much about the pay but me using my time wisely.

So, I reckon it’s gonna be fun!

I never expected this anyways.

So, working hours from 8:30am-3pm

And next year, I am suppose to come in as a Part Time Tutor.

They are following my semester’s schedule for a 2 hour class a week.

But next year, I am only teaching Malay Language.

Well, teacher in the making. :)

I love children anyways.

Malacca with some youths next Friday!

Singapore from 29th-31st October.

Hong Kong from 26th Dec-2nd Jan.

I love travelling.

Have been dead bored the past few days.

Time to do some work. :)


Yesh, I owe you all a post on the Top People In My Life.

I am just lazy.

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    Danny October 3, 2009

    I looking for your "top people in your life" post!!!

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