Many at times..

Many at times, your intentions were right, but people would never choose to understand.

Many at times, you told the truth, yet it seemed unbelievable to many.

Many at times, you know what you’re doing but someone told you, you don’t.

And sometimes it makes you ponder and doubt what you’re really doing. Or probably what you’re really thinking.

If things would go easy, it won’t be called life isnt it?

Exams has not been much of a hindrance to me. I am still Facebooking, still blogging, still MSN-ing, still planning for ROCK, still this and still that. Does it seems like exams period to me? No, I am not smart. Neither am I prepared. I am just slacking and plain lazy.

My handwriting in my finals for the past 2 days and today, has been awful. I’ve never written so much in such short period of time. Thats why it’s awful. No, I am not defending myself. I deserved to be smacked upside down. My writing flew to the moon and back. I wonder how my lecturers are gonna read, mark and even give a score to my paper.

Well, another 2 papers to go then I am getting my freedom. Looking forward to the 1 month of holidays. Hopefully it will be worth-while and good. But, yeah. Not everything can make me happy but we’ll see how it goes.

I guess Singapore and Hong Kong keeps me going too. Knowing then I am gonna get some good holidays. It’s gonna be an awesome time! :)

Nevertheless, 2 more ugly papers – Business Communication Skills and Introduction to Media Theories & Culture. Boring papers. Definitly. But which exam is interesting lah?

Okay. Back to studies. Joseph left, by the way.

I am thinking about the people around me who has made an impact.

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