I shouldn’t but I am :(

The title says it all, ‘I shouldn’t but I am’.

I am not suppose to do it and yet, I am doing it.. Again.

I need to learn self-control. Very soon.

Or else, my life will be much more miserable. I think. Hahaha

I’ve been slacking a lot recently.

Till the point that I don’t realise exams is tomorrow.

How foolish can I be.

But well, I am still happy. Nothing emo.

I guess life has been awesome with the people around me making me smile every moment of my life.

What more seeing your youths endlessly passionate and fired up for Jesus is an amazing sight.

I guess, it’s not just them that makes me smile.
Many others too.
Although they’ve failed me over and over again; what makes you happy is when you know they remember you – still love you, still care for you, and still tries their best.


I was just challenged and ask to write about ‘The Influential People in my life’ or perhaps, ‘The People I love’ or in another words, ‘People that could Affect Me’ or ‘Top People in my Life’. I will write about it when I am done with exams or I get to bored with studying. Loads of elaborations and writing of names and prioritising it will be tough. But I will do it. =)

And on the other hand, my handphone can now update Facebook. Wooohoo.. XD
I am now someone up-to-date.

But yeah, life is fun at times.

Bukit Tinggi with ROCKers this Saturday!
Another awesome trip, I presume.
Come, join us if you are around.
We’d love to have you.

By the way, if you guys are reading on my blog: Write something lar..
I want to know. Don’t lar remain anonymous. Pleeeeeeeeaaasssssssssssseeee?

I will still love
I will still care
No matter what you’re gonna say and do.
I will still love and care
You’re in my life for a purpose

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