As I was reading up some Marketing and Management stuffs, I realised I have another 3 subjects (namely Computing IT, Media Theories and Culture, Business Communication Skills) which I have not touched. I know. It’s Friday. I have dad’s birthday dinner with family tonight somemore.

Nevertheless, I will just give my best shot. Coming to think about it, I’ve already passed my modules because of my assignments – it’s now a matter of grades. But I wanna get good grades of course. Me, hating Maths has got me into a degree which requires a lot of memorisation for the first year, first semester.

Second semester should be slightly more fun, I reckon! But what’s more interesting is my – ONE MONTH HOLIDAYS till about November. When people sitting for exams, I am on holidays. And when people having holidays, I am back to class. Ironic. Urgh. But should be fine, I am praying for a good timetable so that I can slack (opps!) , I mean rest more!

I’m glad that I have been praying and seeking God a lot and I hope I can meditate on His Word more too. Awesome times, as always. :) God has been revealing much about things that I have been going through and I will always fail to understand the big true picture. But well, I have surrendered my life to Him.

I know my blog posts has been without pics for quite some time. After my exams, maybe I will get some ADORE Pics up. Yeah, when people already talk least about it. Will see how. Or maybe holidays pictures! Gonna spend more time with my youths and doing some follow up details and data with them as well. I always enjoy meeting them and looking forward to every weekend.

By the way, making twitter sync to my phone was easy. But not twitter to Facebook. It still ain’t working. But at least I can update my status through handphone now. I am not a technology freak although I am studying in APIIT; thats for sure.

I have chose to be contented with that I have been receiving at some or most of the nights! :)
You don’t need to know what. LOL.

Anyways, back to my books! Exciting day tomorrow. Lunch appointments, youth service and grandpa’s house opening! How to study? You tell me..

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