Heaven Knows

I was just listening to Mix.fm. They played a song that ruined my whole mood. Got me all of a sudden the bad feeling. And that song was ‘Heaven Knows’ by Rick Price. Brought me many unpleasant memories. Well, there are a few songs that brings me back to the old days. Even ‘Drowning’ by Backstreet Boys can get me worst than this.

To love is to let go. Even if it means to have people around distancing you one by one. It’s a tough lesson to learn but it did sink in a little. But it help gets me stronger too. (:

Setting someone free could never been much easier. Over and over again, friends after friends, people after people – it’s the toughest thing to do and I wished I had the option not to let go.

The song says, ‘Why do I live in despair?’. Well, I am not. I am glad to say that I am not. I’ve got Jesus, friends and the people around me. I ain’t living in despair despite how much people think I ought to at times. But yeah, all this time I act so brave, I am shaking inside. Well, this happens. I act so brave to the people whom are close to me but inside me is tearing me apart. How I wish I could just open up a little to those who are close to me.

People around me currently keeps me going. The love for Jesus keeps me moving.

I was foolish to even think that the song ‘I’m taking back my love’ can be done so easily. Love is not an item where you can take it and give it away anytime you like. You’ve been deceived if you think that way. Just because someone doesn’t love you, and you want to take back your love – thats not genuine love. Love has a far more greater meaning than just that.

It’s tough going through this life when people I love ain’t around and supportive, when things I need it is never there but life goes on. Who am I to decide for them what they want?

Memories flow through my mind. It somehow hurts me to know those are just memories but well, I can never expect things to be same all the time.

I am looking forward to opening the Ice-Cream Stall tomorrow at the Bazaar. Should be fun. I’ve been playing so much of Facebook games recently!!! Getting so addicted. 😛

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    Danny August 12, 2009

    Don't let a song ruin your mood lar! hahaha

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